Human life is getting complex day by day. Life was really simple in the earlier days. If we look 3 to 4 decades back we can easily notice that the people were living a simple life as compared to ours. The reason was that they were not involved in so much activities as we are now a days. Because of such simple life people were healthy and were likely to have a longer life span. As the work load is increasing we are neglecting to take care of ourselves. Most of us don’t eat breakfast in the morning which is essential to give our body the necessary energy that we need to do our daily tasks. And this habit is becoming more common among the youngsters. Not following a proper dietary schedule really messes up with your health. We don’t take into account that what are we eating in our daily routine and is it healthy or not? We just go for it and the sad part is that unhealthy meals have become a part of our daily lives.
Talking about unhealthy food we also miss a very important activity and most of us don’t even take into account that activity. And that is exercise. How many people go to a gym for exercise? Or to a park for a walk or for a jogging? It’s almost 2 people out of every 10 that do exercise on a daily basis and that’s really a shocking ratio. We are living unhealthy life with no proper schedule of sleep, no healthy intake of food and no exercise. This is really killing us. All of these things effect our performance of work.
Now a days having not enough sleep is also very big problem in our younger generation. Staying awake while getting their selves busy in unnecessary activities like using mobile phones, gaming or watching movies for whole night disturbs the schedule of sleep. A person who does not get enough sleep in the night will remain sluggish the whole day. That person will also find trouble in completing daily routine tasks properly. Another thing that we should take into account to be responsible for not having a good night sleep is the excessive use of caffeine. Caffeine is the chemical found in tea, coffee and cigarettes. It gives signals to the brain to stay attentive and awake but it can never replace the comfort that one can achieve by having a good night sleep.
Many people are also rushing towards sleeping pills to get the sleep that they should get in the daily routine. But the problem with sleeping pills is that majority of the people don’t even know how to use them. Everyone uses them according to their own knowledge which can be dangerous for them. Before using sleeping pills they should consult a doctor who can guide them that how they must use the sleeping pills, and which sleeping pills are best to use.
Ambien is a recommended medicine for overcoming sleep issues and is widely used all over the world.
Health is a really precious thing and only those people know its value who don’t have it. So know the value of health before you lose it.

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