Innovative building designs are creating waves today. The latest in the line is the use of tensile structures for making buildings. A tensile fabric is revolutionary because it is possible for us to form non-conventional patterns like an umbrella for roof covers. Amount of support needed is minimized because the member remains supported by the built-in tension.

Better designs possible

Use of tensile member structures helps give flexibility to the design and improve the aesthetics and functionality of the building. Because we can use a variety of shapes, the tensile fabric finds use in many areas such as swimming pools, car parking, and garden paths. If you need a module for your parking shed, take a look at the models on view at the website of the Tensile Car Parking manufacturers Delhi. You can even have a custom design sanctioned.

The arrival of new fabric material has enhanced the properties of tensile structures. We have acrylic coated cotton, Teflon coated glass, PVC on a polyester mesh, cotton canvas, coated glass fabric, and so on. Coverings for shelters have advanced from the cowhide on tree branches to concrete on tensioned steel. Because steel is tensioned, it can take a large number of shapes without any problems.

Revolutionary modular construction

Use of the module construction method has speeded up construction. The individual modules such as the kitchen module, storage units, and dining room modules are made individually in another place and assembled on the construction site. You don’t need workers, water, material, or power supply to build using modules. It is the same with bathrooms and balconies.

In these days, we use PVDF coated polyester much for building construction. Along with PTFE coated fibreglass, it tops the list of best-used fabric material. PTFE is fire resistant and chemically inert. It has a long life span, typically exceeding twenty-five years. It is used for garden path covering and packing sheds. You can get more details from the Tensile Car Parking Suppliers India.

Better properties of materials

Fibreglass is often used in the place of glass because it has superior properties while resembling glass. But, many shy away from it because it is expensive. PTFE needs careful handling, unlike PVC coated material that we can handle as we like. The normal criteria for the selection of the material of the fabric will depend on qualities such as these:

Fire resistance: The quality of the base cloth and seam properties determine the fire performance of the fabric. When subjected to high temperatures, all members will lose their tension. It depends on the pre-tension in the member and the level of heat that the member is subjected to.

Cleaning: Every structure has its own cleaning requirements. It will have different fixing points. Canopies must be cleaned once a year at least. If cleaning is not possible, then the use of PTFE or glass fabric is recommended.

Colour: You get fabric in all colours but it may not be possible to get the desired colour for a specific fabric. It is the lookout of the user to make sure that the desired colour is obtained.

Use of modern building methods helps speed up the process and save money. A coated fabric structure is coated on both sides giving it more protection and longer life.

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