Mobile phones - “No longer is just used as a means to communicate”

The above statement is true that mobile phones today are not just being used a source to communicate rather it has become a status symbol in the society. In addition to this people are ready to buy the latest mobile handsets irrespective of the prices. This has also led to the emergence of new and latest technology handsets.
Huge Market Demand for India’s Mobile Sector
India`s mobile sector is experiencing an enormous growth in comparison to other sectors. One of the main reasons for this growth is the rising incomes that results in the increasing spending power of the people. Hence, mobile sector is seen as a new area for franchise business opportunity through franchising. Moreover, as the government is encouraging foreign investors to set up their base in India, many foreign mobile retailers have entered the Indian market through franchising. Also, the domestic mobile retailers are taking up the franchise route in order to expand their businesses in various other big and small cities.

Franchising has various benefits linked with it such as; no dead stock as it is secured properly, company goodwill remains intact and it proves to be more profitable than a start up business. Plus by seeing the various franchise benefits even the local companies are also opting for franchise route in order to expand their businesses.
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Mobile Sector Franchising - Bright Future Ahead
Mobile franchising is not just a one-time service rather it provide a relationship between the customer and the mobile store franchisee. Once the customer buys the handset it also requires the support afterwards; hence franchisee plays an important role in providing after support service of the mobile handset bought. Therefore, both franchisor as well as the franchisee is an integral part of any franchise model.

Few prominent players in India are:

1) Mobile Magic:
When the world was beginning to enjoy the benefits of mobile revolution, three young men in the city of Nagpur thought about setting up a large retail chain of stores for mobile phones and accessories. However, the concept was new and people were hesitant to accept the idea. Nonetheless they went forward and started Mobile Magic - the biggest and the fastest growing chain of retail stores for mobile phones and accessories. It is a one stop shop where everything about mobile world is available under one roof. The first store was started on July 2004 in Nagpur and after successfully running the first store; the company decided to expand the business across the country. Today, Mobile Magic is India’s largest chain of franchised mobile retail stores.

2) MobileNXT Teleservices Private Limited:

It is one of the first and the widest chain of retail stores, offering mobile phones, connections, operator services, value added services, accessories, exchange and after sales services. MobileNXT is headquartered at Bangalore and currently runs stores spread over Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Hubli, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Manipal, Mysore and Salem, basically covering all regions of India.
3) The Mobile Store:

It is a part of Essar and Virgin Mobile Group. The Mobile Store format is of a one stop mobile solution shop that provides multi brand mobiles, accessories, connections, repairs, value added services and lots more. The Mobile Store is India’s first national chain of multi-brand and multi-service telecom outlet. The Mobile Store caters to the Indian consumer, offering the widest and most comprehensive range of mobile phones with special offers from all the key brands available across the globe.
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Major Boom in the Mobile Industry
The huge market demand of mobile sector in India shows the vast potential in the area of mobile franchising. Today Indians are willing to follow their foreign counterparts, in terms of mobile market share.

Mobile sector in India is gradually stepping towards becoming the next booming industry. Moreover, the mobile sector is expected to produce more output thereby proving to be a profitable franchise business in the coming years. As a result, franchisees can benefit by investing less and getting high returns.

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