A mobile marketing business is a great way to create additional income, build a residual income stream and eventually reach your longterm income goals. The challenge for most people is that they may not fully understand what mobile marketing is or how it can be used to create additional income.

What Is A Mobile Marketing Business ?

In its simplest terms it is a marketing business that does the following 3 things

Uses different online marketing methods, based on the most probable and effective methods of reaching local prospects, to

Position the content for a local business in a favorable position within the search engine results listing so that when prospects are looking for that specific product or service they have a high probability of finding the merchant in the top listings and also

Compelling them to make a purchase either through the website or from the local businesses physical location. This can be done by optimizing the merchants content so that it captures the attention and interest of the prospect and touches on all of the right “hot buttons” that the prospect may have.

Benefits Of Starting A Mobile Marketing Business

* New Opportunity - This is a young, up and coming industry which is growing in popularity day by day and will likely continue to grow for at least the next 3 to 5 years and possibly even longer. Just like know one could predict how long the growth of computers or the internet would last, it was however apparent that they were here for the long term and this is true for mobile devices and mobile marketing as well.

* Valuable Service - What you are providing is exactly what most business owners are looking to get on a daily basis and they are

- More customers,

- More leads and

- Lower Cost for their marketing efforts.

* Scalable Business Model - Because you can outsource most of the work that needs to be done to provide your clients with superior results, you will be able to focus most of your efforts on getting more clients and building your businesses income streams by adding more and more clients to your list.

These are just a few of the many different benefits that you will be able to enjoy as a result of choosing to start your own mobile marketing business.

Services Offered By A Mobile Marketing Business

Here is a brief list of some of the many different services that local businesses can use to promote their businesses to the local mobile community :

Mobile Website - Because most online searches are expected to be done on mobile devices, it is important that merchants have websites that will allow for optimal benefit from mobile devices.

Mobile Apps - In most cases a customized app will make it easier for mobile users to access local business product or service related benefits, features and other useful information.

SMS (simple message service) text messaging - SMS text messaging is very similar to email marketing in that it allows you to build a list of subscribers that you can do followup marketing with. It is also permission based and requires that you get each persons consent to be on your list. This can often be achieved by providing an incentive for joining the list and then providing ongoing value to your subscribers.

QR Codes - Quick response codes are very useful for providing a lot of information, including merchant location, cost and other data which can help a shopper make an informed buying decision. They can also be used as discount coupons to provide shoppers with an additional reason to purchase from a particular local merchant.

These are just a few of the options that you can consider when looking at starting your own mobile marketing business.

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