Mobile is changing the business models, operating models, marketplace and everything else at a surprising rate! Mobile App market is expected to reach approx $692 billion by 2021.

Merely having a mobile presence is not enough in today’s dynamic world. The apps that were ranked top in 2019 might not possess the same potential in 2020. Just implementing the correct mobile strategy won’t get you success, you need your mobile developers to effectively involve the latest mobile app development trends in your strategy.

Do you have any idea that by including which technology in your strategy, you can make your app development a success in the next year?

Let’s discuss the most expected mobile app trends for 2020.

5G 5G 5G : Yes, everyone is eagerly waiting for the 5G technology to enter the market and serve the increasing demands. 5G wireless network is expected to rock by the end 2020. As compared to the 4G network, it is estimated that 5G will be 100 times faster. It will improve 3D gaming, data security and much more!

Beacon Technology: Let’s understand this first! For example, you have a footwear store. There are millions of people with your app in their smartphones. You can notify them when they’ll be near your physical store! This will happen with beacon technology! Beacons strategically placed around the shop, connects to the client’s Bluetooth on their phone. A notification will be sent and information can be sent by the retailer to the client. Industries like hotels, healthcare are using this technology.

More AI: There are huge investments in Artificial Intelligence all over the world. AI market will reach $190 billion by 2025. It is extensively used in mobile app development as well. The integration of AI and mobile apps is creating smarter applications. It is helpful in every industry to launch apps that include services like maintaining vast data, calculation of distance, analyzing customer behavior etc. Duplex, an AI program introduced by Google is able to make calls on its own.

Instant Apps: Google launched apps that need not be downloaded, in 2016 by the name of Instant Apps. These apps attract a lot of audiences. This feature allows the user to use the trial version of many apps. They are smaller in size and have a better user experience. They also offer functionalities of website without utilizing the memory of the device.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google introduced AMP to increase the loading speed of mobile pages. The benefits of AMP include decrease bounce rates, high performance rate and better user experience. Along with this, there was an announcement of a mobile search box in detecting the websites that are mobile friendly.

A zillion of mobile applications are already present on Google Play store, Windows Store, Amazon App store and Apple App store! Thus, to stand out in this race, it is important for businesses to stay abreast of the latest trends!

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