Those of you who came to the sound healing and 8th chakra event last month in Salem experienced a way of healing in a category all it's own...sound healing. With us that night was cellist Clarence Dow and Didgeridoo player Dave Estes. Following an opening song by Martha Lovely, Judy, Clarence and Dave began playing together with the intention of lifting everyone's energy to a new state of openness, awareness and divine expansion. The evening was a blessing for all of us. What I continue to be amazed at is how Clarence and Dave and I could not have been any other than Divinely guided.

Following that wonderful evening it occurred to me that a small circle for healing with sound and inner guided journey would be a great program to offer. Dave, as it turns out, is a shamanic practitioner. To deepen our understanding of how we work together, Dave and I did a healing trade with each other last night, and now I know why this is meant to be.

Dave placed sacred objects in my hands, and then proceeded to gently ask me to breathe, then slowly brought in sound. First some rattles, then some drumming, toning and his didgeridoo. How ecstatic it was to be bathed in sound. I could feel my energy expand, bliss running through my whole body/mind/heart, a tear or two.

I've been using sound healing with crystal singing bowls in my work since I began. I can say there is something about the low tones of a didgeridoo and the high tones of the bowls that when played together, doubles the magic. The male/female energy brought through the combination of sounds, and Dave and I as facilitators, will provide a balance that is very necessary right now. Our feminine qualities of love and compassion, patience and kindness need to be side-by-side with our courage, truth-telling, right action and firm beliefs.

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Judy Copp, M.Ed, RPP, RMT is the founder and healer at A Higher Balance Healing Center in Salem, MA. She helps others to access their highest Light and Soul Essence through intuitive, compassionate energy healing as well as spiritual and self-discovery programs. Learn about her local workshops and long distance healing at