MLM success, Mike Dillard reveals two simple ideas to help us overcome information overload. Mike shared, on a recent video, how he used discipline and applied these two ideas to build his 8-figure, Internet based business.

1. Mike Dillard Idea One

First of all, recognize that it's typical for anyone, who is passionate about their company, to want to understand as much as they can about building it.

We tend to be attracted to everything we find on the subject -- and there is frequently a massive amount. This is actually a stage everyone goes through as we make the effort to master our business.

To develop your business, using the Internet, use this three step approach:

Step 1 -- Develop your list.

Step 2 -- Build a relationship with everybody on your list.

Step 3 -- Give value to your list (which can be an affiliate product, a product or service your primary MLM company offers, or perhaps your primary MLM company).

Now, in order to achieve this, the first skill you have to develop is generating traffic. When you're starting, it might be nice to get traffic from various sources, but it is better if you just use one source.

So decide on the source that is most interesting to you, master it, and put aside everything else for now. Become so good at using it that you could write a book about it. Then you'll be getting as much traffic as you want.

The other skill you need to learn is writing good sales copy. This is using words as your salesperson. Now that you're getting traffic, use copywriting to get people to fill out your form and subscribe to your list.

Next, it's vital that you create a bond with everybody on your list. You have to develop the ability to persuade them to take action. It's being able to write the email, ad copy, or sales letter that gets people to fill out your form or click on your link.

Now you have the capacity to make money, sponsor distributors, or sell your products with the push of a mouse button.

Mike recommends, especially if you're just beginning, that these are the two skills you must work on acquiring. He suggests that you eliminate everything else until you master one source of generating traffic and writing good sales copy.

2. Mike Dillard Idea Two

The other idea that Mike Dillard reviews with us is his daily five. Near the end of the day, Mike focuses on the main results he wants to accomplish in his business and then lists out the 5 items he must complete the next day. He types them out and commits to accomplishing each of these. Mike completes these before he opens his email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else.

Mike tells us that it's not how fast you begin, it's how strong you finish that counts. He compares developing his 8-figure online business to building a house, one brick at a time. Every brick represents his list of five musts. Five every day adds up to a lot of results over time.

At the end of every day, the most important thing you can do is make you daily five. List the five things you can complete tomorrow to take you business to the next level. Be very specific. For example, instead of writing down to learn attraction marketing, write down read 10 pages of Magnetic Sponsoring.

In summary, Mike Dillard suggests that you apply these two ideas starting now and you'll begin getting results in your business. So let's type out our five daily list, pick one traffic generating method, and master effective copy writing beginning today.

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