Developing your leadership capabilities is crucial to your MLM success. Highly Effective Leaders consistently attract prospects to their opportunity, they do not chase them. Highly Effective Leaders:

1. Develop and Use Their Potential

Highly Effective Leaders consistently work on developing and using more of their potential. They spend their free time studying everything they can to develop into better communicators, to deal with their emotions, to understand prospects, and to master their business.

2. Believe Now

Highly Effective Leaders create a strong belief in themselves, their capabilities and their opportunity to stand out in their organization. They see themselves clearly achieving the level of MLM success they want, before they begin, through power of visualization. Their image becomes so real to them, they can feel it, see it, hear it, smell it, and taste the fruits of their success.

3. Set Goals

Highly Effective Leaders set long-term and short-term goals. They have the courage to set 5 year goals, 10 year goals, 20 year goals, along with goals for this year, this month, this week, and today. They focus on the success they want, not what they must do, and they live their life accordingly.

4. Define Their Why

Highly Effective Leaders invest deep thought to clearly identify their Why. They ask themselves, “Why do I really desire to accomplish a specific goal or result? Why is it really valuable to me?” Highly Effective Leaders think about what the benefits of their MLM success will mean to their company, their family, and their lives. Knowing their Why empowers them to keep doing what they need to do when the going gets tough. It keeps them going even when times are fantastic. It helps them to work smart, allowing them to have time with family and friends, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

5. Develop a Plan and Take Action

Highly Effective Leaders identify the actions they have to take to attain the MLM success they want. They study successful people and use what they see that works. Highly Effective Leaders measure their results and change their plan until they have a systematic approach that results in exactly the MLM scuccess the desire. They multiply their time by hiring the talents of others to help them. They consistently take action and consistently attain success.

6. Leverage Success

Highly Effective Leaders build through their results. Every small success they attain adds to their belief in themselves, their capabilities, and their business. Their deepened belief engages more of their potential and motivates them to increase their goals. Their personal motivation drives them to take massive action which produces massive results.

7. Attract, Build and Train Their Team

Highly Effective Leaders are selective in whom they pick to work with. They attract prospects who desire to know them, want to learn from them and desire to join their team. Highly Effective Leaders do not chase people, they interview them. They seek to understand and decide whether the potential distributor is a solid fit for their MLM or network marketing business team.

Highly Effective Leaders invest the time to build a relationship with their team members. They train them on several marketing strategies suited for the person, whether it be an online approach, an offline traditional approach, or a combination of both. Highly Effective Leaders are in the business of developing people, coaching leaders, and replicating their MLM success.

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