Many MLM distributors think their job is done after they sponsor a new rep, but this is only the beginning. The next step is to drive your legs deep. This takes more skill than just sponsoring someone. Here are 3 benefits to driving your legs deep.
1.You Help Others Make Money- When someone on your team sponsors someone they make money. Network Marketing is about people helping people and that is what you are doing when you drive your legs deep.
You also become more likeable by your team members, because they will notice your work ethic and your willingness to help them succeed.
2. Retention Rate- People are less likely to quit if they have volume under them. If you drive a person’s leg deep enough, they might become motivated and start building their own business.
3. Security- If you continue to sponsor people you will make an income in network marketing, but when you drive your legs deep it secures your income because more people will stay on auto-ship or continue to use the products or services.
Drive your legs until you find a leader. This will usually be somewhere between your sixth and tenth level.
A leader is someone who will do what it takes to succeed regardless of the situation. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and you will be able to recognize them by their actions, not by their words.
You will normally find a real leader when you have 100 people in your organization. You have to consider yourself the only leader up until that point.
Remember, to attract other leaders to your team, you must first become a leader yourself.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
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