I’m giving this warning and teaching you some ‘Insider Secrets’ many of the black diamonds and top income earners in MLM companies don’t dare reveal … because I’ve seen MANY people make terrible decisions . Decisions, which cost them a lot of money, or waste their time.

So here’s what we’re going to cover in this article

The first thing I’m going to share with you is my personal experience with internet marketing and MLM. I have been involved in the industry for some time now. I’ll share with you all I know about it, and tell you the truth about what I’ve found from experience. We’ll discuss is the truth about MLM business opportunities. You see, this industry has been getting lots of buzz in recent years, yet seldom have the true facts of how to be successful been exposed and knowledge and wisdom shed about what it takes to become a top income earner in a company. I will give you some pros and cons of joining a company, where I see the pitfalls potentially being, and give you the need to know information about joining a MLM if you’re considering signing up.

However, the reason why I’m going to ask you to take what I’m sharing about MLM very seriously is because I have experienced things in this industry that most people never will and have been able to view many companies from a different vantage point.

I believed in network marketing so much. I KNEW it held something for me, and was a true “Dream” type opportunity to really make it big starting from absolutely nothing. I felt it deeply within my heart. So … I signed up in my first company and went to town… only to struggle, suffer, and experience much hardship. This is when most people in network marketing quit. They run the other way wanting to blame the business model, blame the product, or blame the upline or company… And as much as I wanted to do that… there was something inside me that was just smarter than that, and I realized that people who blame others for whatever they are experiencing, and whatever results they have in life… are very poor people. They are poor both spiritually, mentally, physically, and often times financially as well. I refused to accept that. So what I did was I started seeking solutions to the problems I was facing in my life.

That might be why you are here right now. You might be experiencing health problems, or financial problems, or you just WANT something more for yourself… who knows. But I can guarantee you’re reading this right now because you have some problem that the product or opportunity could help you solve.

In any case, I later realized this is a major characteristic and trait of successful people. Remember this, “Successful People Solve Problems.” It’s that simple. Successful people solve problems in life. No matter what the problems are… successful people do not stop until they solve them.

So I turned my attention toward the Internet looking for the answers as to why I was broke, struggling, failing in network marketing.

A lot transpired in the next few years. Let’s suffice it to say that since those days of being a person with no knowledge of success, no clue what I was going to do with my life… All I had going for me was that I was full of PASSION & HEART… I have since turned into someone completely different than who I was just a few all those years ago. Now, I earn a decent income annually in the network marketing industry. I am one of the top income earners in the network marketing company I am a part of. And I actually run one of the most successful online marketing training companies in the industry. And I’ve basically done all this in the last 3 years. So honestly, the Dream, whatever the heck that means to you, is not dead.

To me, it just stands for passion, inspiration, and endless possibilities. And my life has been a direct example of how all of this is still possible for any of us. I have been able to observe the MLM opportunities from the inside, having direct connections with lots of top leaders and connections in the industry, and I can tell you there are a few things you need to know about if you’re even thinking about joining a company . I can only speak for myself, and I think one of the main problems in this industry is many people trying to tell others how it is instead of telling them to experience things for themselves.

Let’s talk about the income opportunities.

I know many people reading this article are quite interested in hearing what I have to say about this. First off, I’m going to say I have a lot of respect for many MLM companies. Some have really done amazing things in the industry. That is no small feat, and you have to give credit where credit is due. Clearly there are a lot of talented leaders around and a fantastic management team to be able to grow huge companies quickly and without experiencing huge problems.

With that being said… I’m going to share many things about these opportunities right now that you are not hearing from your upline.

First off… Becoming a millionaire or just being extremely successful in an opportunity is not as easy as some make it out to be. And this huge, ridiculous, misconception that most people have, of thinking any MLM companies are like some ‘Lottery Ticket’. This is one of the biggest reasons for failure in our industry. People join thinking they’re just going to ‘Hit it big’ somehow, and win the lottery… then they realize they actually have to BUILD A BUSINESS, and learn an entirely new set of skills. Once they realize that it takes some persistence, they run for the hills. Those are what I like to call the ‘Never Had a Chance’ People. And unfortunately, that is most people. Most people are just plain not cut out to be entrepreneurs and be successful. They are too conditioned by the day to day living stuff, to content with their secure jobs, and never having to completely challenge themselves and throw their butts out on a ledge to ‘Dive’ into the world of being an entrepreneur.


No MLM is a Magic Lotto Ticket

It is nowhere close to being a lottery ticket. In fact, the only thing it has in common with being a lottery ticket is that the people who try to just passively “play” will not succeed. Network marketing is not about PLAYING… it’s about GROWING. Any MLM opportunity is not about you going out and signing up 3 people, who sign up 3 people, who… Yaga Yaga Yaga.

That is a bunch of garbage the upline feed their downline or organizations… because it’s what makes them the most money. Your upline and the top leaders are going to teach you how to build their downline and their company… they’re not going to teach you how to brand yourself and build your own assets.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret in all MLM opportunities. The vast majority of what people are told to do to succeed in this industry is a crock of crap. It is mostly useless rubbish that serves only one purpose. To have an average person go out there and recruit 2.1 people, sign up some customers, and basically leave it at that. These companies basically look at most distributors like they’re cannon fodder, and want to provide the most basic, childish, lame “Outlines” for how people can be successful you could imagine. They’ll tell you that all you have to do to get started is contact uncle bob, and aunt Mary, and sign up 3 people, and then they get 3, and on and on. But in reality… how many real businesses do you know that were built from calling friends and family members or harassing people in grocery store lines with a 3 foot rule? It’s bullshit. And even the people, who DO achieve real success with those tactics, generally have a huge skill set beforehand. Or, they have a huge network. You see, what the top leaders in don’t tell is that they probably had huge network before they joined, or had developed the skill sets of networking, closing, and being an attractive leader at some point in life.

My point is not that any MLM company is bad… because I will tell you right now they AREN’T. My point is just that… you need to be smart and realistic about what it takes to create a successful business.

Of course many other companies will give you ‘Watered Down’ versions of reality and success… because the truth is the vast majority of people couldn’t handle the Truth! They wouldn’t sign up…

Would you sign up if someone told you this?

“Ok John, All you have to do is spend the next 3 years of your life building a network, developing your communication skills, working your butt off on a daily basis, failing miserably so that you can learn crucial life and business lessons, being challenged in every way you thought possible, and climbing your way up the success ladder one step at a time. Well, that’s it! That’s all you have to do… and then you might be successful.

The truth is… that’s how it works!! And that’s why the people, who are very successful, understand the ‘Rite Of Passage code’ that comes along with that success. Anyone who has made money from scratch in this industry… understands and respects what it took to get there. Because while most people will quit long before they ever experience real positive financial results… the people who are making money in the any opportunity clearly never stopped. They never gave up. However, there is more to the story that the top leaders and company is not going to tell you, and this is where I personally think them needs to shape up and get with the times when it comes to empowering their distributors to reach greater heights of success.

The ‘Friends & Family’ and ‘3 Foot Rule’ stuff is seriously a joke. I know many of the top income earners in the industry, and almost none of them I know got that way through those tactics. Many of them have been utilizing online marketing strategies under the radar, or have been in the network marketing industry for over 15-20 years. Thus they have huge networks which are what equates to money in this industry. The problem is for most people starting out they have no network. I certainly know that a person getting started I had no network. I knew no-one, so how was I supposed to be successful? And this is where most distributors are dropping the ball, and completely losing out on the money.

In this modern MLM Age … you need to have consistent Leads that convert into people signing up in your business. Without leads you wouldn’t have a business.

The Internet is the most low cost way to advertise that has ever existed in human history. It is a Mecca of business. A total convergence of all cultures, all races, all ages, everyone is basically in one place.

And the most beautiful part is… when you understand how to put whatever it is you have to offer in front of them, there is literally an endless amount of money you can make on the Internet.

How do you think you got to this page right here? Do you think it’s an accident you’re reading this post right now? No way, Jose! I have studied and perfected my internet marketing skills… and that’s why I’m where I am today. I realized very quickly that most uplines and leaders in this industry are just plain stupid. I don’t mean they as people are stupid, but I mean their ideas about success in this industry are stupid. I realized that most of the traditional training tactics and other network marketing training was useless garbage, and wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I chose to develop my skill sets as an internet marketer and you can too. I chose to learn how to generate my own leads, to take my business and success in this industry into my own hands. And then I went out there and took the most furious action you’ve ever seen to make my dreams in life come to reality. If You Want To Experience Your dreams, And Live A Life Of Total freedom, Then You Have To Do This Now… You have got to start developing skill sets in our world that will equate to money in the bank. You have got to start putting yourself at the cutting edge, and developing skills that equal real value to other people… and preferably… that give you advantages in life. You see, most people have no clue how to generate their own leads on the Internet. Most people have no clue how to really BUILD a solid, stable, healthy business like a science. Most distributors are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, not getting any real guidance on how to escape that madness and take true control over their businesses.

This to me is unacceptable. If you want to get somewhere in life, it’s up to you to make it happen. Distributors need to educate themselves on the real principles behind success, lead generation, personal branding & leadership, and many of the other sharp tactics you can use to build huge organizations in this industry. I have used the Internet exclusively to become a top income earner in 2 separate companies in less than 12 months from each other. I would laugh in the face of someone who told me to contact my friends and family… when I could just laser target specific people on the Internet who are already interested in joining my opportunity or in owning their own home based business. This is a paradigm shift for most reps. unfortunately, most have no clue how to change the situation they are in… and that’s why it’s so important to seek real mentors who aren’t afraid to tell the truth.

One of the things that I find a little annoying about network marketing companies is all the “politics.” Top leaders can’t come out and totally say what they want because of the policies put in place at the top of the company. In any case, all of this is irrelevant. The truth is, YOU determine what happens to you in life. And you determine how successful or unsuccessful you will be in the opportunity. When you take the attitude of developing your own skill sets, of learning how to be at the cutting edge of this industry, and really understanding how to succeed in business from a real level and not on the level of ‘Jargon’… then that’s when your life can change. Finding a true mentor in this industry (and in life) is an extremely powerful thing and can truly knock years off your learning curve if you find the right person.

I think as a new person, or an existing distributor in who isn’t experiencing the success they want… you might want to shift your focus off what the company is telling you and begin to look elsewhere to create major changes and results in your life. Here’s why… a good friend of mine and income in recently left his company and for a pretty good reason. The company he is promoting is at almost $1billion dollars in annual sales right now… which means they are a very strong, stable, healthy company. It also means that the majority of all the volume and money flowing through of that company is already established.

Often times as companies move into this phase you will see them switch and start focusing a lot of retaining product consumers, and digging deeper into the customer base to crank out more product users. That’s fine… but generally when this starts happening it gets harder and harder to hit it really big in companies like this. The most lucrative times to be in companies are from when they go from $0-$100 Million annually… and there will be LOTS of millionaires created in that process. Or, for what is called “Wave 2”. Wave 2 is when a company goes from $100 million annually to $1 BILLION annually… and in this process 10x the amount of millionaires will be created. That ALREADY happened with in his company. Meaning, if there’s going to be another round of “Wave 3” millionaires… Its’ going to happen as the company goes from $1 Billion to $2bil, $3bil, or higher. In the history of our ENTIRE industry… that has only happened with about 5 or 6 companies in the last 60 years, out of tens of thousands.

I’m not saying it can’t happen… because clearly it can and some companies are very talented. However I am saying that if it doesn’t… it will be very difficult to catch the ‘Wave’ of this company and be one of the multi-millionaires currently in it. (The wave 1 & 2 have actually passed)


Again, this is just Mr Alfie Smith being very raw with you here and giving you the facts about success in this industry. I’m not saying you can’t still make money in MLM, because you can… What I’m saying is its harder, and there is not as much to make

Personally, I think if MLM companies opened their minds a bit more and adopted a more cutting edge policy towards empowering their distributors with marketing techniques and tactics… as well as put together some GREAT programs in this area… it could be a huge boost to the company and invite a resurgence of distributors and talent that might have already left or taken the opportunity off the table.

It wasn’t my intention to write a novel here but hopefully you got some great value out of this, and had a few ‘Paradigm Shifts’ about what it takes to be successful in this industry.

The most awesome people I know, as well as the most successful, are not focused on their ‘Company’, or their company’s product.

The most successful people I know are focused on GROWING. They are focused on DEVELOPMENT. They are focused on expanding their networking, learning NEW SKILLS, and on their own internal mind set and abundance.

Don’t get caught up in the ‘Rah Rah’ mentality of many network marketing companies. That stuff is all fine and dandy… but it’s meant for entertainment and belief. It’s not meant to show you HOW to be successful.

In order to be successful, you have to be extremely practical. You have to approach success like a science, and want to understand the deeper mechanics behind this industry and the millionaires in it.

The ‘Friends & Family’ and ‘Big Stick’ stuff is seriously a JOKE.

By Alfie Smith. CEO The Bayan Group


Author's Bio: 

Alfie Smith. The CEO of The Bayan Group. Spent many successful years in the MLM industry