Number 1 way to get people to stop in their tracks and listen to your MLM pitch. Do you know what to say to get people to want to hear about your Network Marketing product or business?

Would you like a method of instantly freezing people’s minds so they want to hear what you have to say about your Network Marketing product or business?

There was an old ad on TV for a company called E. F. Hutton. They had a slogan “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. This was a very effective ad and it brings to mind the use of phases that can freeze people’s minds so they want to hear the next thing that you say.

In previous articles I’ve written about other skills and techniques people in MLM can use to get customers or to recruit new team members. In case you didn’t’ catch on to exactly how those techniques work, their focus is to get people to want more information by creating curiosity. Watch this….

“I just found out how you can get anyone you meet to ask you about your MLM business.”

Did that make you want to know more? Sure it did! This is called the “I Just Found Out” technique. You use it the same way you would use the “I Show People” technique or the “Problem Solution” technique. In fact, this can be used in any business to promote anything.

You listen for a problem, and you offer a solution. Here are some specific Network Marketing examples you can use. I just found out….

• How you can replace the income you lost in your 401K
• About an inexpensive way to start your own business
• How you can get free meal replacement shakes
• How you can have a full-time income without changing anything you are doing
• How you can lose 10 pounds a month without working out
• How you can still eat healthy if you only have a 10 minute lunch

Again, the idea is to create a “good” prospect, a prospect that asks you to tell them more. Remember, all prospects are neutral. They become good or bad prospects after they meet YOU! If you listen for problems, and then offer a solution, people will be BEGGING you for more information.

The “I Just Found Out” approach works great for building your Network Marketing business. If you really want to get people to drop their shields and be open to the MLM product and business you promote, you must learn to take control of the conversation and create the right reaction.

Still wondering if you need skills to be successful in Network Marketing? The fact is, trying to grow your business without the proper skills is like trying to comb your hair with a hammer. You won’t look good doing it and eventually your head will start to hurt. Look for a Master Networker who can help you learn and practice these techniques, so you can succeed in your MLM business.

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