Ever wondered how some individuals can join up in any MLM company they like and within a few short weeks be the number one income earner? Others spend months or even years working ridiculous hours every day and struggle to make a penny. So how do they do it? It's not magic, and it's not because they were in the right place at the right time. Actually it's very simple. They know how MLM works and the psychology of why it works. When you understand the 'how' and the 'why' you can predict the outcome and 'when' its going to occur. What you don't see is the months or sometimes years of struggle and the learning curve it took to achieve these results.

Here is 4 simple steps that will help you turn prospects into business partners, so you can do this in any MLM company you like.

1. Getting Prospects To Chase You.

The sad truth is, 95% of MLM distributors struggle in this industry because they are chasing prospects and targeting the wrong audience. Most distributors are busy chasing friends and family, handing out business cards, holding weekly meetings, buying useless opportunity leads and making cold calls. Do you see the problem here?
When you chase them, prospects instantly have there guard up and most people have very little interest in the opportunity your trying to shove down their throat. Despite what your upline says, these are NOT your target audience. How much success have you had building your business this way? This may surprise you, but your target audience is believe it or not, other struggling network marketers.

You must get prospects to come to you if you want success in your MLM business. How do you do this? Simple, you advertise! Prospects will see your ad and click on it if they are interested. This way you don't have to manually sort through the tyre kickers and you can focus your time and energy on prospects that are actually interested in what you have to offer. You also need somewhere to send them after they click on your ad. Use a website you created or use an MLM system to capture their name and email address. This converts them into a lead.

2. Educating Your Leads

Now that you have converted your prospects into leads, you must communicate by educating them. This is achieved by using an auto-responder to automatically send useful content to their email address. This shows them your committed to helping them achieve success and automatically builds a relationship and trust. This is absolutely vital if you want to sponsor them into your primary business opportunity.

3. Making Money From Your leads

When you consistantly send your leads helpful information that can help them, they begin to see you as an expert and take your emails seriously. As you do this you can occasionally send them recommend ebooks or courses to further their understanding and help them in their business. Simply add your affilate link to the ebook and when they make a purchase, you will make a commission. It's a win-win situation.

4. Sponsoring Leads Into Your Primary MLM Business

Since you have sent helpful content on a consistent basis and you are perceived as an expert, you can also recommend your primary MLM business opportunity. This allows you to sponsor new distributors directly into your downline automatically and dramatically increase your income. Since you have also educated your prospects and showed them how they can succeed in MLM, they will also grow their business, which also grows your downline. Even if your leads decide not to enrol in your business you still make a profit from your affiliate programs. Have you ever made a profit from someone that said 'NO' to your business?

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