While the majority of MLM distributors struggle to make a few dollars online, others are living the high life and have found a way to be successful in their business by generating large profits. Making money in MLM is not as difficult as most people think. Often it just takes a little time and patients, but most distributors seem to give up before they give their business a chance to get off the ground. Often the smallest changes can produce the biggest results. Here is one simple strategy that is frequently overlooked and is guaranteed to increase your MLM profits without costing you a single dollar.

How can a MLM distributor increase their profits for free?

Well it's actually very simple. It's called split testing.

Split testing is a term used when you create two capture pages almost identical, but change only one piece of text or video on the second capture page (heading, body, call to action etc).

For example: If you were advertising that you can help your prospect generate more leads in their MLM business, the heading on one capture page may read:

"Discover How A Simple Formula Can Generate More Leads & Make You More Money In Any MLM Business"

But the second capture page may read:

"Discover How A Simple Formula Can Generate More Leads & Increase Your Profits In Any MLM Business"

Now, The heading is worded differently, but means the same thing. Does this minor|small difference actually work? ABSOLUTELY! This simple change can make all the difference in the world. You will be extremely surprised at the amount of leads that opt into one page compared to the other, especially when you use two different video's etc. You can very quickly determine which page works the best by tracking your results and then only changing the same heading, body, call to action or video on the page that produces the smallest results. You will soon start generating more leads, which also dramatically increases your profits.

It is very critical that you only test one piece of your capture page at a time, testing numerous things may increase your opt in results, however you will never know which change was successful. If you only test one thing at a time, you will be able to reveal which change gives the best results.

This process is so simple and should be done over and over again. The end result will be an incredible capture page that produces phenomenal results.

How much money did this cost you to do? Zip, Zero, $0

It's absolutely FREE!

It doesn't matter whether you're struggling to generate a profit in your MLM business, or you're at the top of your company, split testing is extremely important and a very useful way to increase your over all success.

Are you seeing the big picture?

Constant Split Testing will....

*Determine which capture page works best.
*Allows you to continually improve your capture page or Ad.
*Increases the amount of leads for your MLM Business.
*Increase your profits.

I guarantee the small effort involved in split testing will make an massive difference in your overall success.

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