Would you buy weight loss products from a fat guy? No! And why is that? Because it feels better to buy from an expert. Somebody with experience, somebody that in your eyes is a bit of a guru. This is why the Article Marketing Strategy is so effective for MLM Lead Generation and building your network marketing business.

Think about it, you are considering spending your hard earned money on a new business opportunity. You go out and research, doing your due diligence, to find the best possible team and product to represent, but you're also looking for a leader.

Article Marketing is one extremely effective way to build up your reputation as an expert. Best part? It is easy to do and it's free. A well-written article that's packed with solid, valuable content is the type of article that can find it's way in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of new prospective business partners.

So how can the Article Marketing Strategy make you an expert? It's quite simple in fact...

1. You write a good article. Something that informs, assists, even entertains the reader.
2. Immediately the reader associates you as an expert within the topic you are writing on.
3. They can even bounce between your articles to start building even greater rapport with you and greater respect for you.

Just like you would not buy weight loss products from a fat guy, MLM is the exact same concept. You may even be brand new into network marketing, but you have your business and your products. You ARE an expert on those things. The next step is just to prove it, gain confidence of prospective business partners, and publish oodles of articles to reinforce your expert status.

You might be thinking... "There is no way in heck that I can write articles, I am not good at writing at all!" And that may be true, each of us have our own talents and skills but it is definitely something that you can learn. There are countless trainings available and tutorials on how to write effective articles.

Just not your thing? Doesn't mean that you have to throw the Article Marketing Strategy to the wayside, hire a skill ghostwriter to write the articles for you. You can publish the articles in your own name, because as soon as you pay your ghostwriter - all rights to the content goes to you!

There are many article directories online, including this very website. You can also publish your writings on your website or blog. You may even want to mail them to your "list" to provide them with valuable tips, tricks, and tactics on building an MLM business.

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