MLB NLDS Playoffs: Arizona and Cardinals to game 5
It was 2001 when 3 division matchups went to 5 games, and that was also the year when the Diamondbacks won the World Series. Now we are looking at a similar scenario (D’Backs at Brewers, Cards at Philly and Tigers at Yankees), as Arizona is close to conquer that goal one more time as they are 2-2 in their series against the Brewers after trailing 0-2, this thanks to hitting one grand slam in 2 consecutive playoff matches (the first time this has happened since the Dodgers did it in 1977) which is why the team is feeling pretty energized and ready for their game of Friday in their quest for the National League Division championship.

In the other series of the NLDS, the Cardinals beat the Phillies 5-3 Wednesday at Busch Stadium and sent the series to five games, and back to Citizens Bank Park, which certainly gives the locals the advantage, though the Cards already won one match over there (the second game of the series), and are looking forward to prevent the Phillies from obtaining the classification and celebrating at home.

NBA preseason cancelled, regular season likely to start late
The whole NBA preseason was cancelled and since no agreement was reached between the players and owners on their last meeting (which last four hours) from Tuesday, it is likely that some regular season games are also going to be voided as no further meetings are scheduled, and according to union executive director Billy Hunter, it might be a month from now for the parts to sit down and talk again.

Commissioner David Stern said that the owners are trying their best in order to get a deal on paper, as they even moved back on their demands for a hard salary cap and are also not insisting anymore on salary rollbacks, but cash is where the two sides seem to disagree the most, as the owners were first offering a 47% of the total revenue from the league, and then started discussing a 50-50 split, but the players are looking for a 53%, which is 4% less than what they got in the previous CBA, and if none of the parts desist from their demands, the battle is likely to end up in court with a hearing scheduled for November the 2nd.

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