Today I would like to talk about mixing karmas and law of association. Did you know that the company with which you surround yourself influence also your karma? I am sure you feel the difference between a positive and nice company and really negatively tuned company. Why is that we feel great with some people and after spending time with other people, we feel exhausted? It’s because of their body is filled with either positive or negative energy. Spending time with people who has heavy karma or negative thoughts and feeling can definitely affect our state of mind and body in a tremendous way. This is the law of association. You merge with those you are gathering with. There is no way how we can completely protect ourselves from that. We always exchange our energy with the environment and people around us. We become tuned to the same frequency that is our environment

Then there is the thing, think for a while and analyze who do you gather? How do you feel after meeting certain people? You might find out, there is something you need to change. In case you want to develop yourself, fulfill your self-realization and you want to stay positive all the time, you need to choose your company wisely. Yogi says surround yourself by a people who you want to become. Meet people that inspire you, that make you grow, that are laughing and positive, that lead you to be a better person. To do so, you might need to cut some time with certain people. There is no need to stop friendships but just slowly and gradually spending less and less time with people who only take and not give you anything positive. No need to do drama like: I can’t see you anymore or you don’t give anything to me. Simply start to shift your attention towards inspiring people and spend more time where you feel the best. Sometimes it’s also possible to grow together with someone, this you need to figure out for yourself independently.

Also it’s really beneficial to settle time just for yourself on your schedule. Your personal exercise – asana, meditation, walk or whatever gives you space to purify your energy and mind. Another benefit of such a step is that it enables you to see things clearly. If you step away from everyone, you suddenly feel the difference. Those of your friends who will understand you will respect your free time and they will support you in your decision to develop. Those who will tease you or seducing you from decision to spent time in the different company are actually those who are dependent on your positive energy. That is why they don’t want to lose your presence.

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