Mitsubishi Lancer was built by Mitsubishi Motors as a compact model car way back in 1973. Since then, in many variants, over six million Lancers have been sold. Mitsubishi Lancer also formed the basic platform of numerous Proton models in Malaysia.

Mention the name Mitsubishi Lancer and thoughts of a fast, sinister-looking, sinfully fun car might spring to mind - just so long as the word "Evo" is in there somewhere. Unfortunately, the Lancer family has so far been a deeply divided one in which lesser models were left to languish with standardized styling, hand-me-down engineering, and few points of distinction.

This summer Mitsubishi is rolling out a new five-door hatchback model to complement the four door sedan. Called the Lancer Sportback, the latest iteration on the Lancer theme offers the same aggressive styling found in the Lancer Evolution, but with more interior room which is just right for today's active lifestyles.

The Exterior of the car is the first thing we prefer to see. Mitsubishi Lancer is the model which is not only preferred by eyes but the exterior is clicked deeply in the hearts of viewers. This is the cars which makes the owners pride and the viewer envy!

Aside from the lance being a car with fewer emissions than its predecessors, the car has not lost its power. With an average of 150 horsepower, this car has not compromised its power for the sake of the environment, as many people thought it was going to happen. With this car, everybody has something to gain from the Mitsubishi Company.

With the announcement of a Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback into the US, the rally-car competition got a little stiffer. The Sportback is equipped with a body style that is ready to take on the Subaru Impreza and hatchbacks from WRX.

Because Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 1.8 takes less than 10 seconds to break 62mph. Apart from the newly added bigger alloy wheel, climate control, a bodykit, privacy glass as well as sportier, beefed-up suspension, GS3 includes all the kit from GS2.

While the standard Lancer has been a decent seller in its own right, the Lancer Evolution has caught the attention of tuners everywhere. The Prototype X, when it finally comes off of the assembly line within the next year or two, will likely do its part to raise Mitsubishi's visibility one more notch.

So much power has the new Mitsubishi Lancer Sport got? Well, according to its creator, the new Mitsubishi Lancer Sport would be coming to offer customers five different engines. One of these is the VAG-supplied 140 ps engine as well as the 2.0 Jet Diesel unit which are already being used in vehicles like the Grandis Di-D and the Outlander Di-D.

The Mitsubishi is undoubtedly a brilliant car as it appears on the showroom floor, but I'm a big fan of history and heritage and the Evolution models have a more extensive and impressive lineage than most. Formula One has always been accused of lacking excitement and being controlled by computers more and more as the years go by.

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