Misunderstandings encountered when collecting Pu-erh tea:

1. Blindly pursue the year of tea. In fact, Pu-erh tea that has been stored for more than 20 years is now rare, and Pu-erh tea that is more than 30 to 40 years old is even rarer. Some "aged cakes" on the market that sell for up to a thousand dollar are actually steamed by some businesses using only one or two or even a few months of tea leaves.

2. You may think that collecting old tea can make a lot of money. In fact, it is very difficult to collect Pu-erh tea personally. Because the aging of Pu-erh tea is affected by factors such as time, light, temperature, air, humidity, and environment, the quality of the tea will vary greatly depending on the storage environment and temperature.

3. Think that the longer the age, the more valuable. In the 1970s, the 100-year-old "tea head" Tuancha in the Forbidden City was identified by bubble drinking, and it was found that the Chen tea had only a dark red soup color and no taste at all. This is due to the fact that the age is too long and the tea has "aged" excessively.

4. Think that moldy Pu-erh tea is good. Nowadays, most people who want to store tea do not understand tea. They generally judge the quality of Pu-erh tea by the packaging, brand, color, etc. of tea cakes. Some people even think that only tea cakes have a thick layer of hair and musty. It is good Pu-erh tea. actually not. To choose Pu-erh tea, you must try the tea in person, and then make judgments based on the tea bottom. In addition, the raw materials, production process, and the availability of storage all affect the quality of tea.

How to get Pu-erh tea?
The word "aged" is the core of Pu-erh tea, so it's very important to obtain it.

First is to buy. If you are planning to collect and drink after a few years of quality improvement, you can buy cooked tea; if you are planning to store for a long time to appreciate, it is best to buy raw tea; if you want to buy those materials with excellent quality and stable quality The tea products of the manufacturers are collected.

The second is storage. Collecting famous tea also has high requirements for the collection room. The temperature inside the collection room should be kept at 25 ° C, and the humidity should be controlled at about 75%. For ordinary household tea, in addition to ventilation and avoid direct sunlight, other smelly things should not be allowed to be close to the tea, because the tea has strong adsorption.

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