Summer is coming faster than a runaway roller coaster and that means baseball, soccer, water parks, golfing, hiking, cycling and barbeques. All that time spent in the outdoors is something everyone looks forward to all winter long, but just as there are hazards to prolonged exposure to the cold, there are severe consequences to overheating under the summer sun. For event organizers there are options for cooling the crowds.

Before the sun begins shining on a regular basis and the thermometer still says 'cold', we are all planning our time outside. For some that means quiet hours gardening in the solitude of their own backyard. For others it may mean a camping trip out at the lake every weekend. Then again, for a whole lot of people as soon as the NHL playoffs are finished and the Stanley Cup has been awarded, it is time to head outside for summer sport.

The kids might be in little league or soccer camp, either of which will mean weekend games and tournaments. Spending a Saturday at the park is not such a bad thing, especially if the weather is warm and the entertainment is enjoyable. Of course every ballpark has some sort of concession stand, whether it is a hotdog cart and ice cream truck or a fully stocked eatery that rivals the 2010 Olympic Games food services. In either case there will be a lot of families attending the event and they will all need to eat, drink and keep cool.

We all know that water is essential to keeping the body hydrated no matter what the temperature is, but athletes in particular need to be careful when they are exercising themselves on a warm day. The combination of heat from exertion and the heat of the sun can cause health problems. Heat Tetany is a medical sign in athletes that heat stroke is fast approaching and action must be taken immediately. It occurs when there is a short episode of physical stress in intense heat. The symptoms are hyperventilation and respiratory difficulties in conjunction with muscle spasms. Simply removing the individual from the heat, slowing down their breathing, and initiating a series of relaxation methods will relieve the problem. When muscle spasm occurs alone, without the other symptoms, then the affliction is the less serious presence of heat cramps. In both cases hydration is important so oxygenated blood can flow to the muscles once again.

Let's assume the athletes keep themselves hydrated. Cooling the body is the next hurdle, and could be a lifesaver at a summer sporting event. A low-tech method could be a sprinkler, but that saturates the ground so much that you just end up with a mud pit. As much as the kids would love it, parents would probably have a fit when their child appeared looking like a giant chocolate bar. So where is the middle ground? What would keep the crowds cooled without turning the playing field into the aftermath of Woodstock? Two words: misting system.

What is a misting system? A misting system is not simply a soaker hose mounted on a pole with a big fan in front of it. A misting system is based on the principle of air moving past water causing the droplets to evaporate. As soon as evaporation occurs, the temperature of the surrounding area drops. The key is in the specialized misting nozzles designed to emit a fine mist perfectly sized for quick evaporation. Therefore the area is cooled, but not saturated. Overheated athletes can stay cool without getting wet, children love to frolic in the mist and parents don't need to worry about mud pits.

Misting systems are becoming more common at outdoor summer events. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival use misting fans at their event each year. Universal Studios has used misting systems, as well as many restaurant franchises that have patio spaces. This particular cooling method is so useful for keeping those vulnerable to heat stroke safe, but it also has the added benefit of drawing people to the event simply for its cooling effects. On that hotter than hot day when we seek any form of cooling the body, a misting system is a welcome sight.

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