If you are planning to start or restart an online lead generation program, you must know the critical errors that marketers usually make while structuring their lead generation program, so that you are able to learn from the mistakes and take the right approach to business lead generation. Lead generation is a science as well as an art; for being successful in this area, you have to make the proper plans at the beginning and then adhere to them. You must also be prepared to modify the campaign as the situation demands; the flexible approach matters a lot in lead generation.

The grave mistakes

Let’s know the mistakes now and learn from them.

• Poor planning: Before starting with leads generation, it will be better to measure the user experience from the beginning to the finish. This is a procedure that tells you what kind of communication will be effective in moving the leads through the sales channel. The responsibilities for every step in the process should be clearly assigned to the right person.

• Inflexibility: the campaign you decide on at the start of the business lead generation process might not be effective in the midst of it and changes might be required. Since campaigns keep changing and evolving, you need to be flexible in your process. Make sure you mention flexibility in the contract terms. When you negotiate for low minimums and clauses, it will be easier for you to make adjustments in the campaign.

• Too much data: It is important to have the right proportion of questions for sales lead generation. It is also to be noted that the prices get higher as you keep adding more questions. Never overlook or ignore the importance of capturing the time frame for the intent of the lead to purchase; if you ignore, you will end up paying for the window shoppers.

• Sitting on leads: If a lead goes very long without being contacted, its worth starts diminishing. The organizations handling sales lead generation should make the efforts to accept the leads in real time, as well as get them in the system immediately after they are generated. An email auto-responder can also be used for starting a communication flow with several touch points. In case a call center is not open, the flow of the leads needs to be stopped.

• Failure to track lead sources: If a program is using several sources for lead generation, it will be difficult to keep track of the individual sources. The marketer will be able to make informed analytical decisions for optimizing the campaign by using the unique tracking links and phone numbers. While making adjustments to the program, flexibility has to be maintained; this will include lead pricing, creativity being used and collection of data. If you ignore any of these steps, you may disturb the optimization of the campaign.

The aforementioned mistakes that are normally made in lead generation should act as an eye opener for you and help you go forward with the business lead generation process successfully.

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