Some cycles are meant to be broken. But, how do you know when you are caught in a cycle?

I believe Al Franken said it best when he said"

“Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake which at least others can learn from”

We can break out of the cycle we sometimes find ourselves, if we learn from our own mistakes or at a minimum learn from someone else’s mistakes. Sometimes in life we are stuck repeating the same mistakes over and over again sort of Ground Hog Day and we might just accept it and not notice that it’s a cycle we are caught in.

We are all given 365 chances in one year to change our ways. we wake up every day and that grants us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. If we do not learn from our own mistakes we will continue doing the same things over and over again. If these things are making us unhappy or if they are causing stress, it will eventually begin to affect our state of mind and health too.

No one person is perfect… we will all make mistakes. That is one of those life lessons that are very difficult to accept, or see that we are just humans and will make mistakes. The difference from person to person is what we do with the mistakes. Do we continue making the same mistakes creating our own little cycle? Do we learn from the mistakes we have made and then move on? It can be difficult or just downright nearly impossible to admit to our mistakes. Sometimes we are just too close to the situation to be able to see things clearly.

We can be caught in different cycles and we can create our own cycles too, why not make those a positive cycle? What is meant by positive cycle…that is how some people achieve goals. We can create a cycle that will help us achieve our goals. We can provide an ear for someone that needs to vent, or maybe just talk things through before making a decision. Also, we can provide a shoulder for any one that needs to lean on you during a time when they feel they need the added support.

What type of person are you? Are you able to see your mistakes and move on or do you have difficulty accepting your mistakes. There is always a lesson to be learned in all situations in order for us to be able to move on to the next stage in our life we need to learn our lessons and then we can move on.

Author's Bio: 

Carmen is a New York native, recently transplanted to Texas. Single mother of 2 children, the youngest will be “flying the coop” this summer. After a life dedicated to raising her children she now finds herself facing an Empty Nest.

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