At the quit of February, more exactly on February 29, 2020. Vienna became the center of style events.

The Miss Europe 2020 competition was held within the Austrian capital.

The professional jury had the very difficult task of selecting the most beautiful female in Europe.

"I am excited, perhaps even too much, but I am very proud and honored to have the identify of the most beautiful woman in Europe," stated Ljubica Rajkovic , a 26-year-old version from Senta, Serbia, after winning the Miss Europe competition.
A massive quantity of ladies from various components of Europe implemented for the Miss Europe 2020 pageant. The first runner-up become Ilona Vasko from Ukraine, the second one runner-up changed into Mikaela Nikolaou from Cyprus, whilst the ribbon of the 0.33 runner-up became Anja Bijelić from Croatia. Miss Photogenic Europe was also chosen, and the title went to Jana Radulović from Serbia. Angela Stavreska from Macedonia have become Miss Charm of Europe , and Marija Anišić from Serbia became Miss Diaspora .

The opposition was fierce and the excitement even greater. The trouble of the election become confirmed by way of the very arrival and participation of Ljubica Rajković, who's the contemporary Miss Serbia and Miss Balkans, as well as the top model in Europe.

Ljubica received a silver medal at the most prestigious festival for "Miss Earth" inside the Philippines in October ultimate year. She represented her u . S . A . at that opposition.

The new Miss Europe does not best possess enthralling beauty, but grace and nobility, so it isn't surprising that she won the crown this year. Although international elections at such a high stage require quite a few commitment and sacrifice, for Ljubica, this international is her herbal calling.

"I did not prepare specifically for this election. I have committed my complete life to training, however on the same time I have continually skilled a lot, played sports and usually led a healthful lifestyles. In addition to this job, I am additionally a zumba instructor, so a healthful and well-groomed body has always been a natural part of my life and I unconsciously organized for this day ", Ljubica well-knownshows the secret of her beauty.
Very positive and open, Ljubica is prepared for similarly progress in this industry.

Although there are not any concrete plans, one factor is clear - its most important goal is regular work on schooling and a healthful frame.

"The opposition became sincerely great. All the contributors are beautiful, and besides that we have become quite friends, so the competition surpassed in a surely first-class and cheerful environment and I enjoyed every moment ", concludes the brand new Miss Europe.

As the holder of several titles, Ljubica gained a massive enjoy and friendships within the international of beauty, which, as she says, further enriched her lifestyles: "I won the greatest enjoy at the Miss Earth competition in the Philippines on the quit of last year.

The slogan of the opposition turned into 'Beauty with a purpose', because of this that it isn't always enough for girls to be just beautiful, however intelligent, good people and humane.

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