The world of photo booths has seen a transformation of late. The Mirror photo booths are the latest sensation, and indeed, people who would like to add a new edge to the events and parties would look for these new genres of photo booths.

Why is it so? The reason is pretty simple! They come up with a number of value-added benefits, and that makes all the difference.

The Animations...

These photo booths come up with a string of supportive, interactive animations. These interactive SWF or Adobe Flash files are an excellent option in framing customised animations. They help people to incorporate out-of-the-box ideas, which makes the photos all the more lively and exciting.

The New Age Photo Photo Clicking Styles

When it comes to photo clicking, these photo booths come in handy in an altogether different way. These mirrors are equipped with state of the art software platforms that are compatible with professional-grade photographs as well as videos that can be clicked from behind the glass of these mirror photo booths in Melbourne, concealed from the visibility.

This new photo clicking style adds more sophistication to the idea of snapping photos -- something that goes a long way in clicking photographs. Also, the quality of the images thus snapped are superior by manifold compared to the pictures taken with the help of the conventional photo booths.

The provision of photo stamping and signing

Again, this is another value addition, which makes these photo booths extremely popular these days. These gadgets allow the users to put down their signature and customised messages on their photos and stamp them before generating the final printout.

The entire mechanism is touch-based and supports multiple participants, so taking group pictures becomes as easy as it can be.

Then you have the photo re-clicking feature that is yet another value addition when it comes to taking photos. With this option enabled, you can be sure that your guests are more than content with the photos they have clicked with the animations and customisations added, in a flawless manner.

Then again, you have the GIF and the video saving options and the provision of uploading them online, on to the social media platforms instantly.

The Swipe Layout Feature

This is a state of the art feature that makes the mirror photo booth in Dandenong popular. Thanks to this feature, the software behind this property provide an extremely easy and user-friendly way of choosing the preferred overlay for the images before the printouts are generated or the images are shared.

Then there is the provision of setting this feature by default, to make it automatically appear once the guests are done with clicking their images. All they need is to swipe through those design overlays. It will open up a wide range of designs to choose from.

Therefore you see, with so many value-added features, these new-age high tech mirror photo booths are at present the real happening thing, in the world of social photography and entertainment.

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The author owns a company that hire out mirror photo booth in Melbourne and Dandenong at considerable prices. The author is also a regular blogger.