Do you believe in miracles? Do you think of a miracle as something spectacular that needs to happen?

When I think of a miracle I think of when things that should’ve been challenging and painful, become effortless. I discovered this through surrender. Surrender becomes imperative when going through a painful divorce or separation. It was my saving grace during the most painful times for me.

When you surrender it’s amazing how everything seems to fall into place.

Many times in our life we try to have the ultimate control. Then things happen which take our control away. In those moments we can either fight to get control back or surrender to whatever life will bring to us.

What I’ve found when surrendering has been nothing short of a miracle.

About a year ago I had a fluky gear problem with my car. The gears forgot how to work and I needed to bring it to the mechanic to get it fixed immediately. When I got to the mechanic I explained to the man greeting me that my car needed the emergency break in order for it to not go anywhere. The man nodded his head and coaxed me out of the car. I went in to the office to fill out the paper work and five minutes later heard a loud crash. I walked out of the office and found my car in between the garage door and the outdoors.

The owner of the store was dumbfounded and pulled me aside. He told me to get some breakfast so he can assess the damage. All around me men were screaming and running around in shock. I stood there in peace, open to whatever would happen. I went next door at a diner and waited for what would happen next.

Fifteen minutes later the owner called me and asked me to come back to the office. When I returned he explained to me that there was a lot of body damage to my car. Since they were at fault he would have it fixed as well as fixing the gears at his costs.

They got me a rental which was fully paid for and sent me on my way.

The project took several months to fix, since they had to go through their insurance, but all along I had their rental car.

During this time I was moving to California. My plan was to begin my move without my car and then come back for it a few months later to drive it across the country. I was unsure as to where to leave it till my return.

The time came for me to go to California and I still did not have my car back. I called the mechanic up and explained to him my situation. I asked him, since he was not done with the car if it would be alright for him to store my car in his garage until I return a few months later? He said no problem.

The blessings to this situation were everywhere. My initial fear as to how much it would cost to fix the gears were wiped out when they damaged the body of my car, not just fixing that but fixing the gears for free. I was amazed and thrilled. I also had a safe car to drive with no cost up until I moved to California. My storage issue was solved as well. For if they wouldn’t of damaged my car, I might’ve had no where to leave it.

How perfect was that?

When going through my divorce, miracles like that were everywhere I looked. An apartment out of nowhere showed up for me in perfect timing. Jobs seemed to come out of the sky and a helping hand seemed to show up just as I needed it. It was because I knew that I’ll be taken care of. Leaving the familiarity of my life, despite the pain and trauma was the scariest thing for me, but it was my faith and trust I was cared for that led me just to that experience.

Going through any transition brings up a lot of fear. Leaving abuse can be devastating. Your self esteem is already down in the gutter and you might feel that there’s nothing else out there.

Begin by looking for miracles. Notice how you feel when you are alone. Notice how you feel when you are outside, away from the abuse. This alone can give you the hope and push to continue to move forward.

Most importantly practice surrender. There’s a lot of unknowns that will be happening to you. You won’t be able to control everything. Know that and be open to that. Stay present and surrender to what is. That will be your greatest tool.

Author's Bio: 

Esther’s mission is to share with the world how to take the pain in your life and turn it into blessings. It’s not the events in your life that cause suffering but your perception and thoughts of them!!!

Esther, from a very young age, has always sought to understand her experiences and the life situations around her. She was blessed with many different challenges which sparked an awakening to a completely new way of thinking. Some of her challenges included assuming the responsibility of a caregiver to her mother from a very young age, dealing with abuse and chronic illness. Esther grew up in an ultra orthodox family and found her way to a spiritual way of life, rather than a religious way of life.

In the book, she explores the amazing transformation and the mind games we tend to play, despite knowing the truth. Esther has managed to turn these life situations into great blessings and gifts. Since this transformation, miracles are an everyday occurrence. In her memoir titled “The Power Within Me”, Esther takes you on her journey from Victim Mentality to intense, internal Power.
She shares with you the various teachers, ideas and books in her life that have helped her on her journey and gives you tools to help with your awakening and growth.