Miracles happen when we love ourselves and are then able to give unconditional love.
When you love yourself deeper every day you are opening up for a juicy life. What is a juicy life? Get our and meet people. Experience yourself as a loving being in connection with people you meet. They will notice that you are different. You will talk and treat people differently when you are able to express unconditional love. It also means to be open for opportunities you have not seen yet. The Universe is abundant and loving yourself means to connect to this abundance. Then miracles can happen!
Unconditional means without conditions. Remember that you put labels on people: they are ugly, lazy, noisy, arrogant, not cooperating, foreigners, handicapped or even old. You do not need these labels anymore. Love without conditions does not need them. You will stop blaming others as you realize that only you can change your life. And it is so easy. Be the I AM and you can even forget your own restriction:
- I am not worth it
- This is not for me
- I am stupid
- I am too fat
These are your paradigms, which you can change as well.
Here is a powerful mantra:
I am Love, I am Joy, I am Health and I am Abundance
The I am is very powerful and repeating that mantra aloud again and again, it will change your energy.
This is FREEDOM as well. You can be You and not the person your parents , your spouse or boss is expecting. Be you and you have so much more to give that everybody will love you as you are.
There is so much more to experience in this world of change. Please start loving and respecting our planet as well. If we want to survive we have to cooperate and stop exploiting our Mother Earth.
The solar flares are increasing their power and on day it will hurt us because we missed to change ourselves. The time of change forces us to do so.

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As a success & business coach Angela loves to see people grow and create a loving and successful life. When we realize that our reality is not what we want it to be, we just need to change our thoughts. With the change of our thoughts we change our habits and our reality.