DJ Too Much is a minority female DJ who has developed "online experiences" and pivoted her business model during the pandemic to fit the “new normal” by setting up heavily promoted online Livestream events and catering to her fan base via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms. Her new platform called 6 Figure DJs is helping struggling DJ entrepreneurs with their businesses through the pandemic by creating opportunities for artists in the industry by hosting a network for Live Artists, building a community and offering courses. Offerings of the platform will include:
-1-on-1 Mentorship, DJ Courses, A Content Creation Team for struggling artists and a Monthly VIP Members Program

-A space to talk to DJs, hear each individual struggle, and plan out practical solutions to help each DJ to reach their goals
-Post-Covid Survival Blueprint & Workbook, 6 Steps to 6 Figures using Instagram Mini Course & 6 Figure DJ Master Course

Founder Loren Jefferson aka DJ Too Much says, "For the first time ever, DJ’s all over the world entered a new reality where events were cancelled for a significant period of time. Many of the creators and institutions that we love faced an extremely challenging financial year. COVID-19 left the live music industry in shambles, so DJs have to find new creative ways to connect with fans.Our goal is to help people turn their love of DJing into a fulltime profitable career and business. We lay out the blueprint so there is no longer a need to struggle and offer 1-on-1 mentorship with successful DJs to help answer any questions."

Jefferson launched her own career at seventeen and used her high school graduation money to purchase her first set of DJ equipment, with over 15 years of experience performing at events all over the US & internationally. This program launches January 2021 to aid minority DJs affected by the 2020 Pandemic.

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