Statistical data on heroin abuse and addiction provides one perspective on the growing, serious epidemic. While valuable, statistics can dehumanize the critical struggles faced by real people. PBS recently aired an in-depth, two hour Frontline documentary that sheds light on a handful of people by telling their heroin stories interwoven with a broader view of drug policy and approaches being taken at both the national and local level.

Heroin Addiction Story - Johnny

In his 20's, Johnny's future looked bright. He reflects on a more than decade old run with success leading up to 2012. He exuded positivity and had a work ethic and outlook that made success look all but impossible. Johnny had struggled with drugs in the past. But, he had been off them for seven years. He was in a healthy relationship with his now ex-wife, had completed college and was known as a top music producer in the area.

Then, he had a late relapse with drugs; this time it was hard drugs. Looking back at his life before taking hard drugs compared to what it had become. Heroin has become a full-blown addiction, and Johnny hasn't had contact with his son or daughter since just before 2013. He knows what he has lost. He finds himself thinking about the simple things, such as what they are doing in school, what clothes they wear or remembering how his daughter's hair smelled when he would be with her. The seriousness and direness of heroin addiction is evident whenever Johnny speaks of it. He desperately wants his life back. He wants to see and spend time with his children. He wants to have a productive job in what he is passionate about. Heroin overrides all of that, however, only servicing itself, able to retrain his thoughts on what it needs - more heroin. Johnny's doctor recommended suboxone to treat his specific addiction. So far, it's working. Suboxone blocks the effects of heroin, effectively making it a null experience. After three months of sobriety, Johnny has been able to get a room of his own at an aftercare facility. It's a big step. He is in the process of getting his life back. He takes things day-by-day, and focuses on what he loves - music and his children. Johnny knows he's just starting the journey. His children are driving him to win his internal fight with addiction; toward the end of the program, Johnny states "there’s two kids out there that probably wonder if I love them or not. I wonder if they love me or not.

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