The Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India is like a conventional surgery which aims to stabilize the vertebrae and decompress the pinched nerves so that it will eliminate painful symptoms by reducing the pressure on nerves caused by herniated discs, bone spurs or spinal stenosis.

The patient will recover fast in this procedure and this is the one of the safe Endoscopic Spine Surgery. In Endoscopic Spine Surgery the trauma to the surrounding muscles and other adjacent tissues is reduced. The other advantages of this Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India over conventional spine surgery are:

• It requires smaller incisions with which chances of infection is less

• Minimal scarring and pain

• It reduces the blood loss and without damaging the muscle or tissue

• With this procedure, patient will recover fast

During Endoscopic Spine Surgery procedure, the spine surgeon makes the small incision through which they will insert a guided wire. This guide wire is used to locate the damage herniated disc level also the surgeon will use the fluoroscope which is used to ensure that the correct path is made to the affected disc.

After this, the surgeon will use a number of dilating tubes that are placed over the guide wire which helps to move apart the tissue to the vertebrae. Once the procedure is completed, the surgeon will remove the guide wire. The entire procedure of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India performed through a tubular retractor which is placed over the dilating tubes and onto the bone surface. The time when the retractor is in place, the surgeon will remove the dilating tubes.

To view the tube the surgeon will use the small camera and special surgical light. The use of the surgical instruments is to gain the access to the spinal canal and move away from soft tissue and bone. By performing this procedure, the nerve of the patient will get separated from the damaged disc by a nerve retractor and allow the surgeon to remove the herniated portion of the disc.

After this, the nerve will return to its normal position.
Once the entire procedure of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India is completed, the surgeon will remove the tubular retractor which allows the tissue to enclose the surgery area and your surgeon will put small bandage is to cover the incision area.

The Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India is a procedure which is recommended to the patients dealing with the back pain, numbness or weakness in upper or lower limbs and is not responding to the non-surgical treatments like painkillers and physiotherapy. In such conditions, the surgeon will do the further investigations like X-ray, CT scan or MRI to confirm bulging disc which can be only be corrected by Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Cost India is very reasonable as compared to the other Western countries. This is the reason that people from developed countries like the US and the UK prefer India for their Endoscopic Spine Surgery.


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