Mini-Showdown is a new First Person Shooter (FPS) game that is currently available for free on App store. The game required iOS 4.3 or later, and it is completely compatible with iPad, iPod touch and of course iPhone.


Mini-Showdown is extremely fun and addictive game with great, stylish graphics and people of almost every age should enjoy this game. Game was created by independent, but highly credible game studio called Tapsoul which already released hit games for iOS, such as Car Club Live and Gun Club Online.

In this game, basically your phone is the gun. In order to shoot and aim you have to tilt your device, which gives a really great and fun enjoyment while playing this game. This game is a little bit hard on the beginning, but once you get hold of it, it becomes really addictive and extremely fun.

Graphics of this game are really great, they look very stylish and cartoonish which gives the game a better overall rating. Special effects in this game are also great, such as when you get shot, the screen shows like a shard of the broken glass on your device which looks absolutely stunning and cool.
The concept of the game is very simple, just have as much as fun as you can. And, for the storyline, you just need to become the best marksman in the game.

You need to win the duels against multiple characters in order to collect your reward money, which can be spent to customize your character. Once you build a bigger reputation for yourself, then the real challenge from the global shooters will begin.

This game really has Wild West style which looks absolutely marvelous, so in the whole game you are shooting other sheriffs, cowboys, robbers and Indians. Mini-Showdown has a lot of fun features, such as customizing your characters in multiple ways (ornaments, weapons, make-up, overall appearance, props and more…), various activities and competitions, having different roles that have different special combat abilities and lots of more…

Game is slightly similar to the duel games you may have played in your past, and its style is slightly inspired by Counter-strike. This game doesn’t have almost any visible bugs and glitches which is always a great sign. And, it is worth of mentioning that you can also scan friends’ QR codes, and then start duel with them.

The game plays offline in single mode however, online variation of this game is extremely fun, since you can play with players from all over the world, and have real-time duels with them, which is always a fun thing to have in a game.

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