The Mind of God

There has never been a time when we did not exist.
Originally, we were a part of the mind of the Creator, of "ALL THAT
and we were The Mind of God, ALL ONE MIND, ALL KNOWING and ALL ONE
CONSCIOUSNESS. Then this mind realised that to know "ALL THAT IS"
conceptually, is not really knowing anything! ! What was required to
truly know the concept was to experience that knowing.
So the Creator or God or the One Conscious Mind created particles of
SELF to be sent forth, and experience all possibilities. All is
acceptable within the Mind of God, nothing is judged. It is what it
As we continue to evolve, so God, the Creator or the Mind of God
evolves. Know that you are not seperate from the Creator, you are an
expression of the Mind of God in a physical form. God is love and we
are individual expressions of that love, yet to understand who you are
and what love is, you have chosen to incarnate and experience it's
opposite. To understand love, honour, self empowerment, compassion,
freedom etc., one experiences its opposite. This is all part of the
Divine Plan of the Mind of God.
God is love and love is Creation Energy - Creation is exploring the
Mind of God through every way conceivable. It is a continual and
infinite exploration from everyone of us, including every leaf on
tree, every grain of sand, every rock. All matter through every atom,
the Mind of God is exploring SELF or the I AM. Everything that is, is
SELF literally, your self, my self, WE ARE ONE. We all came from that
one point at the birth of Creation. We are, and all matter is, made up
of STAR DUST. All matter is light/energy vibration. When matter
vibrates at different frequencies, then different forms are created,
well as different dimensions and/or parallel universes. Everything is
connected to everything else through energy vibration. This also means
that our connectedness is not only of this Universe (or 3rd
but all dimensions on all levels. We are multi-dimensional beings of
light energy vibration, existing on many levels of Creation at the
time. We already know all there is to know. We are here now to tap
and remember that knowing. The concepts of the Mind of God, are stored
within our cellular matrix. Also everything we have previously
experienced in this lifetime or any other, any genetic pre-disposition
to disease and the memory and energy signature of these events, is
stored within the cellular matrix of each one of us. These imprints,
memories and energy signatures of any past trauma or disease, may be
blocking the plan we made with the Creator for this lifetime. This can
be influenced and reprogrammed by our thoughts, words and frequencies,
without cutting out or replacing genes. Serenity Vibration Healing &
Enlightenment Technique is a method to re-script ALL that is
suppressing our journey back to oneness or completion, in this
lifetime, through the utilization of words, thoughts and frequencies.
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Author's Bio: 

Sharon is an International Teacher & Practitioner of Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique levels 1,2, & 3. She also has diplomas in Remedial Therapies, Reflexology & Remedial Massage.The Serenity Healing Technique is a non-invasive therapy that seeks to reprogram and restore the natural, subtle energy body and works directly with the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual aspects on all levels of one's being,including on a quantum cellular level.