Here is the most important and powerful "secret" for achieving prosperity that you will ever learn: YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN ECONOMY.

There are countless success skills that you can develop, like time management, organizational ability, anger and stress management, communication skills, and the various specific proficiencies connected with your particular line of work.

And all of those are important. But by far the most important form of personal development to pursue, not just for money and career success, but for health, love and happiness, has to do with fully harnessing the creative potential of mind power.

To harness this great power for abundance, accept personal accountability and think of yourself as the creator of your own economy. 

In every economic climate, there are those who prosper – and prosper GREATLY, and there is absolutely no reason why YOU cannot be one of them.
You begin creating anything in life, including your own economy, with your mind-set.

If you trust that your opportunities are present, and them look for them, you will find them.  As it says in the Bible, “Seek and you will find.” In other words, you are bound to find WHAT you seek.
To direct your attention toward discovering your opportunities to achieve prosperity is to harness your infinite resource of mind power for more money and success.

If you want to blame “big business”, “big government”, “the banking system” or any other group or individual in your life for your economic uncertainty, you are entirely free to do that. But that strategy will lead to a continuation of your economic plight.

But remember this important principle of mind power: as long as you reject responsibility for your current level of achievement, you also reject your power to achieve all of the abundance and success you desire.

Here are three success skills to practice to create the economy that you want:
1. Trust that you can succeed and prosper.
2. Keep your attention focused on finding your opportunities to move toward achieving your financial goals.
3. Keep your attention OFF of any thoughts, ideas, opinions, or beliefs that cause you to feel discouraged, disheartened, or a lost of motivation.
We can call these personal accountability practices for financial success.

As you practice these on a daily basis, religiously, you will not only be advancing yourself along the path of prosperity. You will be contributing to the motivation, peak performance and positive results of everyone!

This is because your positive attitude will radiate, and everyone you encounter will receive some it, by what we can describe as "psychological osmosis".

There is no more important field to apply this than in professional sales. Whatever your line of work, there is a selling dimension to it. If you do not sell your product or service, you make no money and your career takes a nosedive.

As you radiate confidence in your own economic promise, your prospects will feel confident in you, in themselves, in the economic possibilities, and be more inclined to take a risk on what you are selling.

When it comes to the power of a positive mind-set as it relates to achieving financial abundance, remember this: Financial insecurity is NOT a financial problem. Financial insecurity is an EMOTIONAL problem, rooted in negative thinking, that MANIFESTS a financial problem.

Incorporate the success skills connected with harnessing mind power for your prosperity as part of your own, self-determined sales training.

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A seasoned, dynamic, and uplifting motivational speaker in high demand for over 2 decades, Bob Lancer travels the world presenting real success skills and profound life-wisdom through his motivational seminars and inspiring keynotes to businesses, schools, government agencies, and associations. His expertise includes team building, leadership development, and sales training (see his related websites:, and