Your skin is an emotional barometer of your mental well being, as well as your body's largest organ. It’s the boundary between you and the outside world, reflecting to yourself and others how you emotionally and mentally perceive your life.

Skin conditions, including acne, can be provoked by painful emotions from past experiences at any age.

You probably noticed that your acne worsens with continued negative or traumatic experiences, such as heightened stress at work or school.

The medical profession is finally acknowledging this mind-body-emotions connection. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, MD, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston states, "Studies that show that at least 30% of all dermatology patients have some underlying psychological problem that often goes unaddressed, at least on initial visit, but if addressed, it can have a very positive and powerful impact in improving the skin condition."

The use of rapid emotional release techniques not only relieves stress, it’s been proven to assist in the healing of teenage and adult acne. I recommend EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques, either the full tapping routine or a shortcut method for fast relief. The key to your clear skin is to target then clear specific fear-based emotions at the root of this condition.

How can you identify those acne-triggering emotions if you’re not a medical intuitive? Read on!

The location and appearance of your acne is a clue to the fear-based emotions to be released. To begin your analysis, take note on which side of the body the acne exists.

The RIGHT SIDE symbolizes fears about logical topics like money, income, school, job, business, finances.

The LEFT SIDE indicates fears about love-related topics like receiving or giving love, loved ones, doing what you love for work or pleasure, i.e., “me-time”.

Acne on BOTH SIDES of the body indicates both logical and love-related fears. For example, a man with right and left side facial acne may be afraid to face having to stay in a job he dislikes because he has to pay his bills. He may also have lumps of angry acne due to facing the fact that his girlfriend wants to date other men.

You can further decipher the body-mind-emotions link about acne by observing its appearance: red, inflamed, sometimes infected bumps and lumps that occur on one or both sides of the body.

Take note of the below descriptions that apply to your acne and the associated feelings that arise when you read them. These are clues to your emotions to be released.

ACNE: Repressed fears about a person or situation that “got under your skin”; wanting to keep the world at a distance, needing to be alone or be anti-social.

BUMPS: Expressions of fear about people, life and life’s bumpy path or blocks; feeling swollen and stuck, mad at the world due to current/past events.

CYSTS: Fears that life or situations are hard, tough or difficult, must emotionally shut down and cannot trust or communicate with others, build a protective hard wall or unbreakable lump to stay safe from what appears to be a permanent, rigid situation.

DRY, FLAKY SKIN: Fears about all or a part of life drying up and being flaky, or that others think you are flaky; trying to shed uncomfortable things, situations, people or old memories.

INFECTION/WHITEHEADS: Fears of outside influences, feeling under attack, invaded, helpless, defenseless, hopeless, never-ending stress, anger, irritations in life that break down resistance.

ITCHINESS: Wanting something to be over and done with, i.e., “itching to get this acne resolved”; someone or something is rubbing you the wrong way, scratching at your surface and/or invading your boundaries.

OILY SKIN: Excess of emotions that are not being expressed and are coming out of the skin; feeling that too much is coming at you at once from the outside world.

PAIN: Life or parts of life hurt; fear the bad times will never end; not receiving enough tender care, touching, attention, play and fun; aching for love or change in exterior world but having to face a painful life.

REDNESS: Unexpressed anger, irritation, frustration, rage, any repressed red hot emotions.

Now that you’ve identified which side of the body is affected and the emotions triggering your specific acne symptoms, determine the exact body area afflicted. The most common acne area is the face.

The mind-body-emotions symbology for facial acne is fear of FACING the reality of your life, certain people or issues; feeling what’s the use.

Your final step is to release those emotions to allow your skin to heal. Use whatever modality you prefer, but be sure the emotional irritations are 100% cleared.

The time lapse between doing the emotional release work and seeing your skin beginning to clear up can be one to fourteen days, depending on the severity of your condition.

Enjoy your beautiful, clear skin!

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Colleen M. Flanagan, EFT-INTc / EFTCert-1, is a mind-body-emotions expert and the author of several Amazon books including Tapping Away Adult Acne and Tapping Success Scripts. People call Colleen “The Emotions Whisperer” due to her ability to rapidly identify and release the traumatic emotional roots of most unwanted conditions. To learn more, visit Colleen's website at and enjoy complimentary mind-body videos, articles, books, and audios.