Recently one of my mentors flew down to San Antonio, Texas with some other top marketers to work on something really big. During his time there he decided to interview some of these very successful marketers. Many of them are millionaires and some are still only in their early twenties.

When he interviewed them he was able to hear their stories and how they came to achieve the success they now experience. From these interviews my mentor was able to identify a list of certain things that all these successful marketers had in common and I’m going to share some of his findings with you here.

1. All of them had many failures before they achieved success

Every single person he spoke with shared their stories of attempting several different projects and opportunities before they found success. Most of them had lost cash. Some of them had even gone bankrupt and were down to their last few dollars.

2. None of them ever quit and kept trying new things

Even though they had all failed at some point, they never gave up. They kept trying new things and new opportunities until they found the right one that “Clicked” for them. All of their prior failures were just stepping stones to them eventually finding success.

3. All of them still continue to have failures

Are you surprised to hear this? Most people think that once you reach the level of millionaire that everything you touch turns to gold. This is far from the truth. The difference though is they look at failures in a different way to you or I. They see them as learning experiences.

4. All are driven individuals and work hard

Without a doubt, all of them are very hard workers. Many people think that success came easy to them but this is certainly not the case . Many worked late into the night or spent many early mornings on their opportunities. This was even before they found success and were still working their regular jobs. Not only were they hard workers but they were also laser focused on achieving their goals.

5. None of them did it on their own

This was not a surprise to me. Every single one of them had a mentor or an accountability partner or worked in a team environment with like-minded individuals before they had their first big success.

6. They were all just REGULAR PEOPLE!

I think a lot of times when we meet successful people we put them on such a high pedestal that we think of them as having some super-human qualities. We forget that they are just regular people just like us. There is nothing really special about them and they all have problems just everyday people do. They go through difficult times just like most of us and they are not immune to major life issues.

The most important thing my mentor observed is that they have a major “Mind Shift” on how they look at money and success. Until a person can do this, it actually becomes difficult to make the money they want. The millionaire mindset is essential to set you on the right path to achieving success and keeps you there when the going gets rocky.

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Merv Stevens works in Internet and Network Marketing. For tips and advice and to learn how you can acquire a millionaire mindset, go to his Pure Leverage Blog. Act now and discover how average people are achieving extraordinary results online by cashing in on the DIGITAL gold rush!