Millennials have had a wonderfully unstable life. Why do I say this? Because of technology! No other generation was faced with such diverse technology advancements that went from the invention of the internet, to touch screens, to Netflix and whatnot. We have been through each phase with grace, accepting what life throws at us.

But, this has also caused a wave of an identity crisis amongst Millenials. There are so many professions that we are capable of being in, there are so many options of gender identity we have, and we could just be a group of people playing video games all day, but we make more money than most 9-5 employees. This is what describes the millennial generation.

“Lazy, entitled, spotty employment, tech-savvy, educated, these were the top five descriptions Millennials used to describe themselves! More than half (53%) of Millennials agree that these terms accurately describe their generation.” according to Devlyn Lalonde at Abacus Data.

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, have also been labelled as “individualist, selfish, cynical, pessimistic, narcissistic, and socially responsible.”
Baby boomers were the generation that was born after the world war was over. They suffered quite a bit and made the world suffer quite a bit as well.

What were a few things that the babyboomers were doing right that got lost in technology and mixing cultures? Why did the millennial generation decide to ditch the simple principles in life and make their own rules? A huge number of older millennials will say that they do not think of any of their ways as particularly ‘wrong’, they just broke stereotypes. This reaffirms the reader of the narcissistic traits in millennials mentioned earlier.

Millennials don’t have jobs, they have brands

Millennials don’t kill their passion, they make a business out of it. Have you heard people say ‘Oh, I’m building my own brand.” when you ask them what they do for a living? It’s not completely baseless to say that branding is extremely important. iiSuperwomanii aka Lilly Singh is an excellent example of how you can take what you love doing, and make it your job, while the money flows in.

Millennials choose the eco-friendly option

Want to buy a wedding gown, get it from the rental store like GlamCorner. Why? Because it needs to be worn only once, and textile waste in landfills is an environmental hazard. Want to sell your car, sell it to a scrap car removal company in Melbourne, like Express Cash for Cars. Why? Because selling your old vehicle to a scrap car buying company gives them scrap metal to recycle, instead of putting it in the landfill.

Millennials don’t show off wealth, they show off lifestyle choices

They do not need to invest in real estate like their parents or their grandparents, they invest in experiences like travelling to exotic lands and bungee jumping in New Zealand. Turning vegan or vegetarian has become a trend, which is not only because they want to belong, but because they genuinely feel empathetic towards animals. A common phrase is ‘How can I eat my furry friends?’ We have also successfully managed a partial destigmatization of mental health in men and women, something that our ancestors completely missed out on. Not to forget how they also missed out on equality and privilege.

Millennials don’t drive, they cycle to work

Building on the previous point of showing off lifestyle choices, millennials want to be seen as perfect, even if they are not. Cycling to work, to school, everywhere is the norm now. Millennials want to be socially responsible, to save the world from what their parents did to the environment with excessive emissions. Melbourne's car owners have been giving up driving to take to cycling, and it appears to be working the favor of their health as well as the environment’s health.
To take up a similar lifestyle, Melbourne car owners have not just taken up cycling, but have also sold their cars off to scrap car yards that recycle their cars into scrap metal.
However, it is suggested to try and check out more such healthy options including public transport before you sell your old car.

In conclusion, there are quite a few things that millennials are doing right. But there are some that are very very wrong like not having any work-life balance, and burning out too early in life. But that’s a topic for another article.

Let us know if you think we missed out on a few more ‘good things’ in the comments section!

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