Milk Doesn’t Do The Body Good!” Lies, lies, and more lies. This just happened to be a marketing lie placed upon the hearts and minds of the American people. However, the scam was brought to an abrupt halt when the American Dairy Association was taken to court for false advertising because milk doesn’t do a body good. The American Dairy Association could not prove that milk was good for the body and had to pull this ad campaign. That is the very reason you will not ever hear or see that particular advertisement for Milk.
Pasteurization is a sterilization process that is intended to destroy all harmful bacteria that can be found in milk products. Currently, the manufactures of milk are using a process call, Ultra-pasteurization. Which takes the product from chilled to boiling point in about 2 seconds. It is a necessary component of large dairy manufacturing due massive amounts of contamination contained within their beginning product. Not to mention, it saves dairy manufactures tons of money by extending the shelve life of their end product. However, in the process of pasteurization everything that is good and healthy about raw milk is destroyed in the process. Pasteurization not only kills the harmful bacteria but destroys the beneficial bacteria. Along with the bacteria, the process destroys all beneficial enzymes that can be found in raw milk. In the end, you are left with unhealthy milk that is loaded with dead bacteria. Pasteurization may kill most bacteria but it does not remove the dead bacteria from the product. Ever wonder why pasteurized milk products increase the production of mucous within the body?
The process of destroying good and bad bacteria causes the release of histamines and cytotoxins to be spilled out from inside the bacteria cell walls. Immediately, the body identifies these two elements of the bacteria as foreign to the body which triggers an immune response. That protective immune response produces increased mucous production, symptoms of allergies, and increased inflammation within the body. Interestingly, pasteurization doesn’t kill the bacteria suspected of causing Crohn’s Disease, Para Tubloures. Which I might add, 80% of cows in large dairy manufacturing plants are now infected with. Speaking of viruses it is also known that 60% of these very same herds are infected with a form of Leukemia Virus. Sadly, inspection of dairy herds for disease is not required USDA. Due to the poor living conditions of large production dairy plants it is highly likely that there can be cross contamination through the manure to your milk. Milk from these large manufacturing plants will also require to be processed through a clarification centrifuge to remove the heavy amounts of slime and pus contained within the milk product. How wholesome can the milk you are serving to your family be filled with dead viruses, bacteria, antibiotics, pesticides, and growth hormone?
Oddly enough, over our lifetimes we have been told to drink our milk to get the calcium we need. We now are pushing this dead milk onto our children for the same reason. Pasteurization alters the structure of milk causing a destruction of calcium’s ability to be absorbed by the body. The process also destroys the vitamin C, B12, and B6 that was originally found in the raw milk. It’s a safe bet that it might be time for parents to start looking elsewhere for their child’s calcium needs. Like dark green vegetables, seeds, and nuts for starters. The very same product we are pushed to give our own children can’t even be fed to young calves. Calves fed pasteurized milk do poorly and many even die before maturity. Which confirms pasteurized milk can’t sustain life!
Numerous clinical studies are now linking pasteurized milk products to Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Crohn’s and IBS Disease. Not to mention, Prostate and Breast Cancer. I find it very interesting that these are the very same diseases on the rise we hear about on a daily basis that require magic pills and special medical treatments. Maybe we should just stop consuming pasteurized milk and see what happens? Who do you know that doesn’t have at least one of these diseases? Produce an immediate positive health impact by removing pasteurized milk products from your child’s diet you will see a reduction in the number and severity of ear infections, colds, and episodes of runny noses.
If you are worried about your child getting enough calcium provide him with any variety of green vegetables. The truth is the calcium in pasteurized milk can’t be absorbed by the body. Remember, it is the choices you make for your family that will impact a world. If we would all just stop buying the health destroying products they would stop making them.

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Patricia is a researcher and the author of Toxic Food, Toxic Child. Practicing as a Holistic Nurse she specializes in Toxin Avoidance Programs primarily directed towards children. Patricia's unique ability to convey natural health information in simple yet practical terms offering solutions to parents struggling with children effected by damaging toxic chemicals. Patricia feels the health of our children is the single most urgent issue facing the world. She is available for speaking engagements focusing on children’s health issues. Patricia is a dynamic speaker with an innate ability to connect with her crowd. You can reach Patricia Davis, RN via email: or through her blog site. This article maybe utilized for free with inclusion of this author’s Bio and website link.