Mildew is a type of mold. Mildew & mold are both types of fungi which love damp surroundings and spread across surfaces easily. They can be a nuisance in the home and each of them can be a danger to health.

Places Mold Likes to Grow
Mold can thrive in heat, dark and damp environments. That would apply to any a part of your home given the proper circumstances. Bogs and showers, mattresses on beds and insulation in your attic area unit common places for mold to grow. It’s not uncommon to identify mold in damp locations like sheds, garages, and on boats.

Checking for mold within the Home
If mold isn’t stopped in its tracks, it will and can cause injury to your home. It’s wise to check for mold habitually. The most ways in which to try to this area unit through sight and smell. Mold comes in voluminous colors like black, yellow, green, and brown.

Places Mildew Likes to Grow
Mildew prefers flat surfaces to grow on. Any harm caused by it within the home tends to be simply cosmetic.
Outdoors, it will cause important harm to plants.


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Blerina Laska