The first version of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring was released about 5 years ago. It came complete with a manual and audio CD which pitched his primary network marketing opportunity. It also contained a full size blueprint of a funded proposal system along with an attraction marketing course as well .

In the manual Mike talked about the history of network marketing and gave some general ideas about the current state of the industry. He also discussed what he thought to be the major challenges that most people encounter when they are attempting to build a successful MLM business.

He saw the main challenges as being lead generation, absence of credibility and the shortage of adequate funds for folks to be well placed to run a significant advertising and marketing campaign.

In the beginning the Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring manual was a proprietary tool which Mike and his team used as an to offer for those joining their downline to get them off to a fast start. He’s changed all that.

Does is Still Work Today?

In the latest edition the pages of the manual has been reduced down to only fifty six pages. It is still packed with all sorts of million-dollar insider methods and tips about the way to build a successful network marketing business quickly .

From what he asserts in his shortened manual you may learn everything there is to know about multi-level marketing and also why having the right approach and perspective is essential if you want to achieve real success.

Mike then goes on to pull the covers off of the industry, and lays out some facts. Below is a quote:

“Unfortunately, this is an industry of business ownership pursued by folk who haven’t ever been business owners for the main part, the disciplines and skills necessary for success are completely foreign to them.”

This hits the nail right on the head and sadly it is correct. Most of the people who come to a decision to start a home business actually have no idea about what that truly means, what’s really required in building a money-making business.

They hope and pray that they can really just sponsor 3 or four people and get rich in just a few weeks. When things don’t work out out the way they hoped, they just give up because they really don’t know what to try next.

They haven’t any idea about the way to build a home business and there are many individuals who are just plain lazy and expect things to happen on auto-pilot without putting in the initial hard work.

Working Online

In Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring manual you will get the ground rules to what it takes to build a lucrative multi-level marketing business quickly . You’ll walk off with a good education in starting a home based business from someone that has done it all.

You’ll have information, but will you have anything discernible that may help you get your present home based business into profit and be in a position to produce leads effectively .

The great news is that the Magnetic Sponsoring online has a system in place with high converting squeeze pages where you can drive traffic and capture their contact details. You can then contact these potential prospects and see if they are interested in joining your business.

If they are not interested in your home based business they may be interested in one of the many products that magnetic sponsoring now sells to assist people in becoming successful in network marketing. In this way you can earn a commission as an affiliate and these commissions will help to off-set any paid methods used to drive the traffic. This is called a funded proposal.

Online Marketing Systems to Grow you Business

If you really are serious about building a rewarding multi-level marketing business quickly Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is certainly one of the systems that will help.

There is also another program called My Lead System Pro (MLSP) that has in-depth training and all the tools that you’ll need including tools which will aid you in generating leads and bring swarms of traffic to your website. and pitch your business as well .

MLSP offers a strategy, much like Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, to earn some much needed cash initially, so that your business can get into profit fast. It doesn’t matter where you are at with your online promotional efforts you and your team can use these systems to get your business off to a flying start.

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