It seems that not a day goes by without a celebrity sharing their views on something that is not related to their profession. And like everyone else on this planet, it could be said that they are entitled to their own opinion.

The Truth

However, when a celebrity says something it can have a far bigger effect than if the average person said the same thing. Along with the amount of exposure it can receive, there will also be the impact it has on others.

As while there will be people who will think about what they have heard, there will be others who don’t. The fact it has come out of a certain celebrity’s mouth will then be the only thing that matters.

Straight In

When this takes place, it is likely to show that someone looks up to this celebrity. Therefore, even though they are just a singer or an actor, for instance, they are going to be seen as having all the answers.

Consequently, it is not going to be difficult to control how this person sees the world; their mind is going to be highly suggestible. Now, this could show that they are not very old, but this might not be the case.

An Opinion

If a celebrity was to say something and they made it clear that this was just their view, it could show that they have been able to keep their feet on the ground, so to speak. But when they act as though what they are saying is the truth, it could show that their success has goes to their head.

What this can then do is to give them a false sense of their own importance and, as a result of this, they can see themselves as being an expert in just about everything. It is then going to be irrelevant as to whether they actually know what they are talking about.

For Example

This is then similar to how someone can do short course on something and end up believing that they are an expert. In this case, it is highly unlikely that other people would take them seriously.

Yet when a celebrity positions themselves as an expert of something they know very little about, it can be normal for other people to go along with it. As this person can sing or act, for instance, it will mean that they are qualified to talk about it.


And as some of these people act as though they know just about everything, there is going to be no reason for someone to look towards the people who actually know what they are talking about. The real experts can then end up being cast aside, and in their place will be people who are ill-informed.

This is then akin to someone asking a close friend for advice on how to fix their car, even though their friend hasn’t got a clue what they are talking about. Through taking this approach they might be able to repair their car, but there is also the chance that this won’t happen.


When it relates to the latter, one could soon end up being effected by their friend’s lack of knowledge. This could be mean that one will end up crashing their car, or it could be even worse.

Yet, when it relates to the former, one might not even be aware of the fact that the person they are looking up to is giving them wrong information. One is then going to be in a position where they think they know what they are talking about, but this is going to be nothing more than an illusion.

The Current Focus

One thing that a number of celebrities have been talking about as of late is the current migrant crisis. And thanks to social media, it is easier than ever before for these people to share their views with the world.

A number of them have used this platform to talk about how certain countries are not doing enough. It could then be said that these people are putting themselves in the shoes of the people who are in need of somewhere to live.

The Moral High Ground

Based on how they have been behaving, it can seem as though they have their heart in the right place. These celebrities are then only too aware of what these people are going through.

So, not only can they have special talent, they also have a very big heart to go with it. Their needs are then being put to one side and their priority will be to make sure that the world does more for these people.

Selective Empathy

If, on the other hand, someone has a problem with letting so many people come into their country, it doesn’t mean that they will be treated in the same way by these celebrities. Instead, they could label them as being ‘racist’ or as having some kind of phobia, for instance, and make out that they don’t have a heart.

What this shows is that these celebrities are not willing to listen to the concerns that these people have and to put themselves in their shoes. It could be said that these celebrities are more cornered with looking right and feeling good about themselves than they are with looking into what would be the best solution.

Out of Touch with Reality

This can cause the average person wonder why these celebrities are behaving in this way; it can be as if they are betraying the very people who have helped them to get to where they are. Even so, due to the kind of life that these people live, it could be said that their behaviour is to be expected.

While the average person is on the front line, so to speak, these celebrities are in their ivory tower. There may have been a time when they lived like the average person, but the life they now lead is going to be radically different.


Ultimately, the celebrities that behave in this way are going to be out of touch with the real world. What comes out of their mouth is then going to have very little, if any, value, and it will be best for people to take it with a pinch of salt.

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