The microwave oven has become one of the must-have appliances in the kitchen. With models loaded with features such as convection and grill, it has opened up possibilities to bake, roast, grill, and heat food that has been in the freezer quickly and effectively. It is a one-time investment owing to their durability as long as they are used with care.

Mistakes you should avoid while using microwave ovens
Never use containers that do not carry a microwave-safe mark- You must pay attention to the type of container that you place in the microwave oven, even if it is for heating the food. When plastic containers that do not have a microwave-safe grade on them are used, they are likely to release harmful chemicals into the food, making it poisonous.

Cooking food on high power- It is always good to have a microwave oven with maximum preset cooking programs. This means that the food you wish to cook using the microwave and the preset program that is cooked perfectly and at the right temperature. In case you opted for a microwave without preset programs, it is important that you do not cook food on high power. One because food that is cooked using high power is not good for health and two, it might lead to uneven cooking, especially when you are cooking meat.

Clean the microwave after every use- The microwave must be cleaned regularly to prevent the odor of food from being retained in the oven, to clear the ovens off the liquids that spill and dirty the oven.

When the appliance is not cleaned after every use, there are chances that debris, especially near the door would prevent it from locking properly. This might, in turn, bring down the efficiency of the oven and increase the power consumption as well. Also, there would be a need to take it to the service center for repairs within very short intervals. This means extra cost you have to spend on the service charges and change in spare parts, if any. It is also important to keep the outer part of the oven clean by keeping it covered when not in use.

Stirring food while heating- As simple as it might be, cooking in a microwave means that you should follow certain steps in order to ensure effective results. One such step is to stir the food after a short time so that the food placed in the container gets heated up evenly. Therefore, rotating or stirring the food in between to ensure the best results.

Adding ingredients- It is not a good practice to add all ingredients at one time and expect perfect results. Cooking has to be done following the instructions and steps that are important for getting the expected results. Layering is one of the techniques to ensure proper cooking, and stirring is another aspect that would ensure that you can serve quality food to your family. For more information you can also visit us here

These are the common mistakes that you should avoid while cooking. The other measures include switching off the power when not in use, cleaning the oven regularly, and others, which would make the oven durable and effective.

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