It is undoubtedly difficult to estimate the number of IT professionals holding Microsoft certification around the globe. Microsoft Corporation definitely has contributed in the development of the IT industry in a big way. Microsoft Certifications are provided for the simplest of the software programs to right up the most complicated of the network services.

Microsoft Certification are worthy of appreciations as it not only brings value and measurable rewards to the students, IT professionals, the managers and the organizations employing them, these certifications are also packed with the immense recognition that one requires to excel in one’s career. It provides the organization with the needed validation of one’s skills.

Get started with Microsoft Certification

Step 1 - Which job in IT do you want?

The best way to determine the Microsoft Certification path you want to take and the direction that you want to take for your career in Microsoft technology is to explicitly view the Microsoft Certification roadmap.

One way is to review each job role and the required Microsoft training to help you decide which job is accurate for you. This procedure is helpful for those who are not sure of the direction that one wants to go and help assisting and guiding to carve your career in IT. Various job profiles are:

• Server administrator
• Database administrator
• Virtualization administrator
• Consumer support technician
• Enterprise desktop support technician
• Web developer
• Windows developer

Step 2 - Learn skills to help you get there

After thoroughly completing the research to find out the right job for you, it’s time to get proper Microsoft training to better prepare in the required skills. There are diverse range of Microsoft training that includes Microsoft training and certification bootcamps, Microsoft classroom training, Microsoft e-learning courses and Microsoft interactive resources etc.

Step 3 - Validate your skills with Microsoft Certification

Validation of your Microsoft skill with an official Microsoft certification is highly significant and gives one the competitive edge and advantage that one need in today’s challenging job market.

Significance of Microsoft Trainings and Certifications
1. Microsoft Certification programs are always in demand and universal in any kind of workplace.
2. Getting a Microsoft certification gives you an edge in the job search. Adding this certification on your resume displays potential employers that you have the right skills that are required to handle a particular job profile.
3. A Microsoft certification highlights to employers that you have mastered a certain technical skill.
4. There is a Microsoft certification for almost every technical specialty. No matter what your career path is, there is always a Microsoft certification that fits your specialty.

Software developers can obtain a MCPD.
• System engineers pursue MCITP certification or MCSA.
• Database analysts and administrators can take the MCITP-DBA exam, etc.

5. IT security skills are in high demand right now.

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