The development ecosystem is a fast-paced space that is practically brimming with solutions and tools to enable the development of cross-platform microservices, which are rather sought-after at the moment and are expected to continue being quite popular for the foreseeable future. Yet, in this virtual sea of tools for the development of microservices, there is one name that has managed to stand out: ASP.NET Core. Why? Well, because it enables the development of open-source microservices in a much quicker and more secure environment.

You might be aware that companies are eager to adopt Microservices. The idea is to introduce it into the core system through app transformation by creating a new set-up, and many more ways. Although businesses are keen to switch to Microservices there’s a vast majority of them fail to do because they don’t follow the right approach.

Still not convinced? Here is a closer look at some of the other reasons why using ASP.NET Core for the development of microservices is a great idea.

1.Lightweight framework: One of the most popular reasons why a growing number of developers all over the world are opting for it is because ASP.NET Core is a lightweight framework. It can facilitate the seamless development of microservices with a container-based architecture.

2.Cloud compatibility: A rather interesting thing to note about, well, everything developed using ASP.NET Core is automatically rendered highly conducive to being scaled in the cloud. This is because all microservices that are developed using ASP.NET Core can run on nearly every single cloud-based service — at least all the important ones, such as Microsoft Azure.

3.Advance cross-platform support: If there is one thing you ought to know about microservices, it should be that the platform upon which they are developed needs to be independent of any architecture or platform. And you know what can help with that? ASP.NET Core, of course; it not only offers support for several operating systems but can also be used with cross-platform tools. This is why ASP.NET is such a great tool for the development of cross-platform apps too.

4.Kubernetes and Docker compatibility: Yet another crucial reason why ASP.NET Core has proven to be such a big hit when it comes to tools for the development of microservices is the fact that it is highly compatible with Kubernetes. You see, this compatibility is highly conducive to the use of all the key features that Kubernetes comes equipped with and, as you may have guessed by now, these features are quite important for the efficient development of microservices. Oh, and let us not forget .NET Core’s compatibility with Docker as well — thanks to the availability of its detailed documentation, Docker to has proven to be terrific for the development of microservices.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen, some of the many, many reasons why ASP.NET Core serves as an incredible tool for the development of microservices. So much so that a growing number are now switching from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core, thanks to the latter’s cloud-based configuration, quick performance, and compatibility with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker Container among several other such factors. No wonder so many bigwigs in the corporate world across the globe too rely on ASP.NET Core to develop microservices for their businesses. So, if you too are planning to create microservices or a microservices-based app, you can rest assured that ASP.NET Core will make a wonderful choice of development tool. Now go on and start looking for a trusted provider of .NET Core development services and get started on your project ASAP.

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Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.