Micro laser peel is a skin treatment that produces better and longer lasting results compared with microdermabrasion or light chemical peels. The biggest advantage with micro laser peel, New Jersey is the rapid recovery after the skin resurfacing treatment. This is used to successfully treat several skin conditions such as:
• Wrinkles
• Scars
• Acne scars
• Keratoses or lumps on the skin
• Pigment problems
This treatment helps you achieve tighter skin that is smooth, healthy and alive even when the skin is damaged. The procedure uses a local anesthetic in the form of a topical cream and does not require any dressing later. These are especially suited for those who are tied down to busy lifestyles, yet want to improve their skin without any downtime. Treatment through a series of micro laser peels in New Jersey is recommended on the neck, hands, chest and facial skin. This treatment offer a greater degree of control and safety combined with convenience than other laser skin resurfacing treatments and are suitable for all skin types.
How Micro laser peel treatment New Jersey works
This treatment works by removing the superficial layer of the skin. It basically exfoliates the skin, getting rid of the outermost layers. The low-power laser promotes fast recovery from the process without the need for bandages. After the treatment, the patient is usually advised to apply a salve for two or three days to protect the skin as it generates new skin cells. This treatment sessions are done once or twice a year with additional sessions scheduled where necessary. The frequency of treatments is determined by the cosmetic surgeon who will make an assessment based on your skin.
Micro laser peel, New Jersey can be customized to specific patient needs such as wrinkle correction, removing scars, tightening sagging skin, solving pigmentation problems and treating keratoses.
New Jersey Micro laser peel vs. microdermabrasion
Micro laser peel differs from microdermabrasion, which only removes the outer layer of the skin since its penetration limit is ten to fifteen microns. The success of microdermabrasion relies on the pressure applied and it may require several sessions to complete the treatment, which makes it a more expensive option.
This treatment is capable of penetrating up to 50 microns into the skin, the results are predictable, involving fewer sessions that cost less. The healing is rapid and depending on the depth of the skin treated, recovery could take less than a week. Immediately after the treatment, the patient might experience some itchiness and discomfort, but this is minor and goes away as the new skin comes out.
Micro laser peel, New Jersey is gentler and can completely get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

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