He passed away June 25, 2009 amidst controversy and speculation; drama that haunted him for most of his life. Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop” was no different than any of us in that his soul came into this lifetime with a purpose and with goals.

Michael Jackson’s astrology natal chart, which is a blueprint, of sorts, as to his Life’s Work & purpose indicates why his soul chose the journey it did. It shows the major lessons he wanted to learn and due to his and everyone else’s free will, was able to choose to go through the hardships and blessings and learn from them or not.

Let’s decipher the meaning of Michael Jackson’s Natal Chart and see if we can break through the mysteries around his life. First of all I want to say that the exact time of Michael’s birth is unclear, but as close as most astrologers can get suggests he was born just before midnight.

1st House Gemini: Indicates a smart man with a good sense of humor. His goal was to be thought of by others as intelligent, but the mask he wore when he became uncomfortable was quite chameleon-like. People had a hard time trying to figure out his personality because it would change so often. He might be called mercurial. Did you know that Peter Pan was a Gemini-type fairy tale?

2nd House Cancer: He was born to learn the value of family. Money was NOT his primary motivator. As many documented family problems have been reported in the past, Jackson had a very unusual birth family and because of his yearning for a close-knit & loving family, he built one of his own in later life. You’ll see more of this when we discuss his 4th house information.

3rd House Cancer with Uranus in Leo and Venus in Leo: It was bound to happen. Jackson’s sibling became his parents/family. It looks like they loved their father, although they may not have respected him. Michael had a very unusual and unstable father for a role model and likely found father love once he became a father himself to his own three children.

4th House Leo with Mercury in Leo, Neptune in Virgo and Sun in Virgo: This house is loaded with activity and indicated family secrets, family stress and lots of yelling. No one ever knew for sure if there was molestation, but if there was, it shows this was part of the family history and chances are good that it goes back generations. This also shows that Jackson’s health was strongly affected by family communication, escapism and fault-finding. Michael’s early home life was filled with criticism and perfection. No question, his father ran the household. Having children of his own allowed him the possibility to finally be unconditionally loved.

5th House Virgo with Jupiter in Libra: One of the things Jupiter in Libra indicated for Jackson was legal issues and this interestingly came up in the 5th house of children. Is there any doubt that the soul of this man would face these issues in life? I believe that every soul knows ahead of time what obstacles and problems it will face and needs to overcome. Was he guilty? We may never know. But looking at his natal chart, we know that this was bound to come up legally.

6th House Scorpio with Neptune in Scorpio: His day to day health habits clearly involved addiction. This most likely stemmed from an addictive personality AND the use of escapism through drugs to try and avoid his past. Michael most likely had a terrible time forgiving those who abused him mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. Had he not passed away from a drug overdose I venture to say he probably would have died from cancer. The roots of cancer are found in the inability to forgive and move on. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I suspect addiction got him before cancer did.

7th House Sagittarius with Saturn in Sagittarius: The obstacles Michael faced in his lifetime were many. Something we may not have know about him publically was a religious obstacle. He experienced stern direction religiously, but he had just the tiniest bit of curiosity and longing to know more spiritually. It would be interesting to know what his daily religious or spiritual practices were, if any.

8th House Capricorn: Michael built his career from the energy of pain, hurt, power, manipulation and control. This was a very difficult incarnation for his soul to choose. I think that if he missed anything, it would be the ability to forgive those who had hurt him so deeply. His resentment, especially toward his father, was his undoing. Of course he had an addictive body, which once activated was even more detrimental to his happiness. As does everyone, we can build a wonderful life from the ashes of our pain, as long as we learn to forgive in the process. Forgiving does not mean we condone the history, but we forgive the humanness of those who hurt us.

9th House Capricorn: I doubt Jackson ever strayed far from his original religious upbringing. In fact, in many ways, he viewed God as the stern taskmaster, with no room for forgiveness or deviation. A personality continually held down by a domineering thumb will eventually escape sideways and Michael seemed to have fallen back on his Gemini personality which told him he may be getting older but he refused to grow up. It’s very sad that he was unable to discern the useful from the non useful (Virgo) and rebuild his life around a more functional daily pattern.

10th House Aquarius with Moon in Pisces: Destined for fame, Michael Jackson found some reprieve from his pain through the adoration of his fans. He needed them as much as they wanted him. Probably for the first time in his life he felt validated and important. I believe that if he had not had an important career, he would have lived quietly, dying of a broken heart and possibly committing suicide. But as he found, eventually the public celebrity life was not enough to heal his past. A healthier solution would have been a deep journey into himself with the help of a professional who would help him release his abusive past. His fans could not help him get over the past. They were just a temporary relief.

11th House Pisces: More than anything, I think Michael was searching for a God he could do business with. I don’t think he found what he was looking for and the compounded pain of years of frustration lead him to escapism behavior. I’m not sure if he ever developed any close friendships or confidants he could talk openly with. He had lots of secrets and needed a good friend. But his life had become a fishbowl. Perhaps his best friends were children. People he didn’t think would hurt him. People he could trust. I doubt he ever confided in them, but it was a form of escapism that temporarily took his mind off his problems.

12th House Taurus with Mars in Taurus: Michael Jackson had such a dynamic, spiritual energy available at his disposal that he could have overcome any problem. Spiritual energy is so subtle that for a Virgo, like Michael, it may have been too quiet for him to identify. Michael wanted concrete proof & tangible help. Because he did not make use of his spirituality through meditation and prayer, he probably was unaware of the subtle changes going on inside himself. Add drug addiction to the equation and what you have is a man in excruciating pain who could find no way out. When a human being is in pain, the most important priority is to stop the pain. Pain originates in the emotions and the mind and eventually finds its way into the physical form. Drugs temporarily did that for Michael.

What can we learn from the life and death of Michael Jackson? How can his life make a difference in the quality of life for others?

· ·Forgive others their trespasses and move on.
· ·Discern the useful from the non useful. Drug abuse is non useful. Spirituality is a useful saving grace.
· ·No matter what your family history, you will always have a chance to build a new and healthier family of your own.
· ·Ask for help. No person is an island and we cannot overcome crisis and trauma alone.
· ·Find your God-given talent and let it become the catalyst to move you through your grief and into a happy life.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

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