Vick played injured against Arizona
Michael Vick got hit by linebacker Daryl Washington on the second play of Philadelphia’s loss to the Cardinals by 21-17, and as a consequence, ended with two broken ribs. Vick didn’t tell anybody that he was hurt and actually played the rest of the game injured. “He didn’t say anything, not a word. He’s a tough nut. He said he really just blanked it out and played is kind of what he said, and really didn’t think twice about it.” coach Andy Reid said.

Vick sat down for the Eagles’s practice session from today, and the team is still not sure if he will be lined up for the game against the Giants on Sunday night.

Verlander earns Cy Young Award
Yesterday it was confirmed what most people thought as a fact: Justin Verlander was awarded with the Cy Young Award, and he did it by a unanimous vote. When he got his large contract extension a while back, he mentioned that he wanted to make it to the hall of fame, and by earning this honor, he is certainly close to be a true candidate. The starting pitcher from the Detroit Tigers knows that to get to where he wants to be, he still needs to come up with more achievements, and to this, the player mentioned that “I’ve worked extremely hard for this. You guys know how competitive I am. Looking at the big picture of things, it would be nice to win some more.”

Tebow is still being tested for starting quarterback position
The Broncos are still not sure about keeping Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, but they acknowledge that he is putting a lot of good work, though they also realized that he is doing well because they implemented an option offense that allowed Tebow to maximize his potential as a runner, and so far, it seems that it is working. Coach John Fox has mentioned that he is not totally convinced about keeping this game strategy for the long-term, which is why he is not sure if Tebow is their choice for good, and that is the reason why he is continuously doing evaluations. The next one for Tebow is coming on Thursday when the Jets visit Denver, and the young QB knows that he has to excel at his job if he doesn’t want the Broncos to start considering quarterbacks for their draft options.

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