Type 1 and type 2 diabetes is considered a serious health issue that needs to be monitored and controlled at all times. Keeping your blood sugar level under control is something that requires a great level of care and attention. It isn’t only about managing your sugar levels, but you are supposed to take steps to avoid diabetes complications.
Living with diabetes means you are at a high risk of developing serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, vision issues, and foot problems. You must join a diabetes care program in Vashi to ensure that your sugar levels are under control. Here we have listed a few steps you must follow to prevent diabetes complications.
• Avoid Smoking
Smoking should be avoided in general, but you must definitely quit the habit of smoking if you are living with diabetes. Smoking increases the risk of complications for patients dealing with type 2 diabetes. Due to the reduced blood flow to your legs, there is a chance you might experience ulcers and other foot infections. Any wound in your foot can turn into an ulcer if it isn’t treated on time. Book an appointment with the diabetic foot care specialist if you develop ulcers and other medical conditions.
Smoking also increases the risk of heart disease, kidney diseases, eye diseases, and strokes. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and tobacco if you are a diabetic patient. You can consult a therapist or a physician to discuss your option for quitting smoking and tobacco.
• Check Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Blood pressure could cause significant damage to your blood vessels. Similarly, high cholesterol levels combined with blood pressure and other medical conditions could lead to serious issues, such as a heart stroke or a heart attack. You must eat a balanced diet, practice exercises, and take measures to control your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You must take the prescribed medicines in order to keep your sugar under control.
• Schedule Eye Exams and Foot Care
You may have everything under control, but it is still important to have your diabetes checkups scheduled annually. During the physical exam, the physician will ask you about your health, medical condition, and the medicines you have been taking. They will also see the potential signs of any complications that are likely to occur if your issue remains undiagnosed and untreated for long.
Take Care of Your Feet
Foot damage is quite common among diabetic patients. It can cause serious damage to your nerves. If you leave your foot untreated, there is a chance the minor sores will develop into critical infections and blisters. Note that diabetes can cause serious foot infection, tingling sensation, and severe pain. Here is what you must do to avoid foot problems:
• Keep your ankles and feet moisturized throughout the day
• Rinse your feet in lukewarm water
• Never walk barefoot
• Stay in touch with your doctor and visit diabetes specialist clinic Vashi to keep your glucose levels under control
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