Acupuncture systemic and auricular acupuncture are techniques of traditional Chinese medicine which is based on balancing the energy flow (Qi) and blood (Xue) of the patient, treating the various functional and non inharmonies inharmonies anatomo-functional as it is in Western medicine. The study is based on the treatment of male patient aged 56 years. Psoriasis was diagnosed four years after this time evolution of the disease the patient began treatment. The treatment time was four months, once a week. The techniques used in the treatment were: systemic acupuncture and auricular acupuncture. During the first month of treatment to no avail, since the second month the red spots were reduced along with the dander. The techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, auricular acupuncture systemic use have been effective in the treatment of psoriasis with a reduction in the clinical period of four months. These techniques may be acting directly on clinical symptoms and thus reaching a cure.

It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by papular and maculopapular lesions present covered with scales laminated with a tendency to relapse. This disease is more frequent in ages near puberty and adolescence, is not contagious, and family history may have seen less frequently in blacks.

The patches of psoriasis are usually round or oval and their size varies from a pinhead to large plaques covering the entire region, the spots feature thick, pearly scales. There is a tendency that the scales will be symmetrically distributed predominantly in the elbow, knee, sacral region and scalp but can appear in any region. It has a chronic course with exacerbations that vary from one patient to another.

The technique of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) called auricular acupuncture was developed under the existing theoretical and practical foundations for at least 2500 years. The auricular acupuncture treats different disorders by specific pressure points on the ear that have existing energy relationship with the organs, tissues and joints related to them.

Acupuncture is characterized by systemic insertion of needles along the body at points of energy channels also called meridians, to activate the circulation of Qi (energy) and Xue (blood) running a "via invisible" inside the body, activating the organ function.

Presentation of the case

TCM has a differential diagnosis as a cause of disharmony analyzing changes in energy flow (Qi) of the patient, and not changes in the structure (structural components) as the body is the basis of Western medicine. For ERM psoriasis is a disease carried by a deficiency of blood, or by internal heat. These are causes that are related to the energy imbalance.

For the ERM causes of psoriasis are combination of factors exogenous pathogens, wind, humidity and heat, which obstructs blood flow. When the disease progresses to chronicity, the blood is not nourished causing deficiency of blood, which evolves into the wind. Leading to malnutrition and side channels that comes with the fall of the scales, is a disease that turns into heat or wind moisture.

The patient was treated for 4 months once a week in a male patient, age 56 years, the clinical diagnosis of psoriasis was 4 years ago. The patient was first query round spots of intense red color throughout the body in the ventral and dorsal. With many scales. The treatment was performed using two techniques TCM, auricular acupuncture (ear) and the acupuncture systemic (through the body).


Acupuncture has been used to treat psoriasis for several years. Studies show the application of filiform needle points as E36 (acupoint channel energy of the stomach-action to move the energy and blood), Du 14 (acupoint channel energy vessel governor which controls heat, B12 (the acupoint energy channel of the bladder that controls the wind), BP10 (acupoint channel energy that nourishes the bladder and the blood circulates.) the application of these points in patients with psoriasis yielded satisfactory results in 61 patients.

Acupuncture systemic and auricular acupuncture had good results in treatment of disease. MTC has an important difference in modern medicine: no disease is idiopathic, and when it reaches effectively the cause, the disease is curable.


The TCM techniques, procedures and acupuncture auricular acupuncture systemic used were effective in the treatment of psoriasis with a reduction in the clinical period of 4 months. These techniques may be acting directly on the stain reducing symptoms (clinical signs) and thereby may promote healing of the disease in the patient.

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