All females like jewelry. And they even want to don it as soon as a chance is there. Jewelry is a matter of love for women since historic period. It adds to the gorgeousness of ladies and imparts an air of affluence and prosperity. Not only ladies, but gents also love to don jewelry, because the key intention of jewelry is to intensify the attractiveness of whoever wears it. But if the jewelry gets grimy, it may impart bad influence on other persons. With time, due to oils, air pollutants, sweat, grease and many other factors in the environment, jewelry becomes dirty and seems matte. It doesn’t glitter like it does when it is new. Hence, in the preservance of jewelry, cleaning is a needed practice.

Jewelry is made from a lot of substances, like silver, stainless steel, gold, tungsten, and various sorts of gems. Based on the material, cleaning technique varies. Thus there are many varied techniques and substances to clean varied sorts of jewelry.


Diamond is is the most chosen gem of ladies as well as men. As ladies don diamonds in form of earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and rings, men too take an opportunity to use it in form of rings, tiepins, cufflinks and other items. Although diamond is the stiffest gem, it also becomes dirty very easily. This is due to the fact that the point in which it has been fitted, prohibits its perfect cleaning. Oils, grease and other sorts of dirt collect in the setting and also on the body of the diamond. A lathery ammonia cleaning stuff is offered by some particular jewelers at the time of purchasing diamond jewelry. Other manner is to use steam cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be made use of. As a home remedy, we can utilize liquids containing ethyl alcohol base or ammonia base, or even a liquid of soap and tempeate water.

Silver Jewelry

Normally, silver jewelry is washed with baking soda, hot water and aluminum foil. But this process is not recommended by most of the jewelers. One more procedure is to scrub the silver jewelry with a powder brought into use for cleaning utensils and afterwards clean it with a soft cloth. This discards the black rusting from the silver ornaments.

Copper Jewelry

There is an excellent method to cleanse copper pieces of jewelry and it is to make use of a solution of juice of lemon and a pinch of salt. It revives the shine of the metal without much efforts. When you finish cleaning, rinse it thoroughly in order to get rid of all the lemon juice and salt and dry completely prior to placing in a box or wearing. To prevent oxidation, keep copper trinkets in a sealed container or plastic bag.

Damage Caused by Cleaning Techniques

Certain cleaning manners are not suited for cleaning particular sorts of jewelry. For example a dark layer can be built up on the jewelry which decreases its brightness. Ultrasonic cleaning is not advisable for precious and semiprecious stones like amber, opals, pearls and topaz, because it discards the film on the gemstones which is intended to create desired color rays. Any gemstone which is porous must not be cleaned making use of ultrasonic cleaner. Plus, gemstones stuck with glue should not be kept immersed in ultrasonic cleaning agents. This can undo their setting and they can be lost. It is a neat habit to check the jewelry items for released stones and settings, before cleaning them with steam technique or ultrasonic procedure.

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There are different methods of cleaning jewelry depending on price, for example one method can be used for precious stones and another for cheap wedding jewelry or cheap sterling silver rings.