Restaurants are made famous by photographers possessing the ability to portray dishes in the most fascinating way possible. Photographs of food can be found in newspapers, the internet, brochures, and several other places. Most of the photographs represent brands and some represent people providing tutorials on preparation. To click an impressive photo of food, possessing culinary skills is not a pre-requisite. However, there are methods to do so and these are essential for beginners.

Styling the Dish

Ask any commercial photographer in Brisbane and the response is food styling just works. The dishes are mostly decorated by the chefs. However, it is also important for a food photographer to possess some knowledge of food styling. While shooting for commercial purposes photographers and the maker of the dish work together in enhancing the appeal of the dish for the perfect photograph. Therefore, studying how to decorate dishes is a great option for capturing great photos.

Lighting Conditions

Perfect lighting conditions are a must to capture the best photographs. Food photography experts suggest using natural lighting conditions for the perfect shot. Beginners can use a shade with natural lighting. To add natural bounce back colour effects they can use an umbrella on top of the food. A natural shade created by trees also works fine.

Using and Balancing Colours

To make a food tempting in a photo, usage, and balancing of colours is paramount and beginners will need to develop an eye for colours. For this, however, knowledge of the colour wheel is mandatory. It will also help in developing a sense of colour contrast as well as the knowledge of complementary colours. Equipped with this knowledge the food photographer can guide the chef to decorate the dish to bring out its beauty.

Along with colours, the knowledge of texture is also important. Beginners will need to balance lighting along with the colour and texture of the dish to make it appealing.

The Setting

Backgrounds are crucial to taking some of the best photographs of food. In any food photography in Brisbane, one can see how the surface is carefully selected to enhance the photo. The surface can be anything; it might be a table with a tablecloth as covering, or it can be a wooden surface or anything with abstract designs. But beginners need to keep in mind that the setting should intensify the photo of the food. Later on, they can use filters to give final touches.

Should Flash Be Used?

For professional photographers, this can be regarded as a personal choice but for beginners, it is best not to use flash. Naturally, flash can lead to glare or sometimes in a lower exposure in many lighting conditions. When it comes to food, the photographer needs to be careful about maintaining every aspect of basic photography for taking a decent photograph.

Side Equipment is a Must

These include the white bounce card for getting highlights on the photo while eliminating unwanted mid-tones and shadows. Adding to this a tripod is necessary for maintaining stability while taking the shot.

In a session, a professional commercial photographer in Brisbane always uses different cameras, lenses, as well as equipment and lighting to get the best shot possible for the tasty dish.

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The author is a commercial photographer in Brisbane and a photo blogger who likes to share tips and tricks for capturing the best shots for beginners and advanced in photography.