Cloud solutions are bringing an inevitable change in the world of business. The ease and convenience of accessing data on-the-go is what makes cloud solutions the need of the hour. Technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics, and more have created unlimited potential for firms to leverage cloud tech and grow exponentially.

In our endeavour to seek companies that make business easy by delivering cutting edge cloud tech solutions, we discovered METCloud, a multi-award winning cyber-secure cloud platform.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine.

In our conversation with METCloud’s founder and CEO Ian Vickers, he tells us the story behind the genesis of the company and how it overcame all the challenges that came along its way during the pandemic, and yet how it seamlessly assisted and provided services to its clients.

Towards a Digital Future

METCloud provides private cloud infrastructure, cloud migration services, cybersoc, security orchestration services and developing AI/ML and data analytics to maximise security for its customers.

To continuously achieve this, METCloud has recently secured significant VC funding to scale the organisation and will seek further funding rounds to achieve long term growth aspirations.

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