Metaphysical Body Calm
By Jay North aka J Mountain Chief
When we find the body requires attention in terms of healing Metaphysical Body Calm is just the answer.

Even though some bodily demands for healing may seem to require specific treatment Metaphysical Body Calm will assist in rapid recovery from a whole host of complaints; including and definitely not restricted to head aches, upset stomach, back aches, fatigue and dizziness. Many severe cases of dis-ease can be brought to bear with the scientific application of Metaphysical Body Calm. It's true, that heart trouble, diabetes, lung dis-eases and even aids can be successfully treated with systematic application of Metaphysical Body Calm. Every complaint can be treated to a successful point of full recovery, even depression, anxiety and confusion can be treated with Metaphysical Body Calm. Despite doctors advice to simply pop a pill.

What is Metaphysical Body Calm?

It is the application by/from a trained facilitator/healer to move energy in and around the body. With the simple act of touching a body one can be healed entirely of what ails them. This facilitator has seen this methodology work for thousands of aspirants seeking wellness, wholeness and healing. It is in the application that makes the deference. One desiring such work can ask a person in the home to be taught such a healing modality as Metaphysical Body Calm or may want to seek out a trained facilitator in the procedure for which I am going to give you today.

Let's start here

The body being mass, water and energy consist of four essential parts to be a body in the first place. As follows, mater, energy space and time make up the human body in all of its complexities. One will not find a body without these components—unless it's not alive. While we must possess all four components of mater, energy, space and time; the primary (essential) component is energy as it controls the whole system, without it we have nothing. Please refer to chapter four in my book (The Gift of Touch), which is energy manipulation. Simply put; energy manipulation is the ability to move energy with intention and application of Metaphysical Body Calm-treatment. While this idea may be news to some it is also recognized by millions of truth seekers all over the world. That when the application of moving or in this case manipulating energy flows in and around the body miracles tend to happen—as in total and complete healing from many debilitating challenges. Healers from all walks of life will do well to study this brief discourse and become completely familiar with its application to bring about a total and complete healing for their clients.

What we are after here are locks blocks and barriers

Energy can be locked anywhere in the body. The most common places are the extremities. Therefore, the hands, feet, and head are the areas to check first. Why is this? It appears that these areas are points of implants of our own design (which means purposely created). Areas also worth checking are the spine, the scalp, facial muscles, solar plexus, and all internal organs. The body may be trying to rid itself of unwanted conditions by pushing blocked energy away from the body, so check the aura as well.

Energy blocks can occur as a result of injury, trauma, or drama. Injuries occur in a wide variety of ways. For example, virtually anyone or anything — a car, horse, motorcycle, paintbrush, baseball, or mop — can cause an injury. An injury can leave an impression on the body for a very long time (lifetimes, for that matter). And, of particular importance, Energy Memories (or Energetic Memories) can be stored on a cellular level for many lifetimes, until the being —or a practitioner — finds a way to eliminate the unwanted blocks or unwanted conditions, usually through processing.

Blocks, locks, barriers, and items you pull off the being feel heavy. You, the practitioner, will feel a particular vibration, heat, tingle or heaviness in the palms of your hands; and when items you pull cools down, (cools down is when the item has no charge left on it) you will not feel these sensations any longer because they will have dissipated. The charge is then gone completely; which means the item will not have an effect on the client's life any longer, or, at least until the client re-creates "IT"; a subject we will cover completely in the book The Gift Of Touch.

While this practitioner understands and appreciates the efforts of the good doctor; when being treated by a physician it just may be worth one's time to explore alternative methods to healing, as in massage therapy and "energy manipulations (.Metaphysical Body Calm)" And, it just might be worth the good doctor's time to investigate NEW ways to bring patients closer to good health — Love, Peace, Joy, and HEALING in a quicker, less expensive manner that is also less supportive of the pharmaceutical companies and less invasive. For that matter, some Holistic practitioners may choose to work on a donation basis (this may not be right for all).

Perform the session like this
Short communication session giving your client a basic understanding of Metaphysical Body Calm what the treatment will do

Ask client why they are there with you

Acknowledge their reason with no judgment

Lights low or soft lighting

Low volume soft music

And begin

Body of client on top of a massage table in relaxed position

Facilitators only job is to #1 intend healing #2 touch the body

Metaphysical Body Calm does not require a practitioner to psychoanalyze the client or their reason for being there

#3 listen

Vocal commands are simple and best to keep them that way

Feel my hands ask client to acknowledge they feel your hands

Continue to every point on the body from head to toe

Feel my hands

Move each hand one at a time

Repeat feel my hands throughout the session

When client feels complete end session-but always ask how it is going 1st.

With simple application of Metaphysical Body Calm all body complaints can be thoroughly handled

More difficult cases to deal with may require "Cellular Memory Processing"

Important note: Become like Teflon, let nothing sick. Even though you may resonate with your client and their complaints. Let nothing of theirs become yours. By simply allowing your crown chakra to open release whatever comes off client and lands on you. Your work does not have to include your personal suffering, so don't take it on—unless you like pain a lot.

Let me know how it goes,

Jay North aka J. Mountain Chef
PS. Yes, Metaphysical Body Calm can be performed on a client by long distant application.

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